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strollin in the city

I’ll take this little travel package wrapped up tight, please!

He’s been a great traveler starting with his first trip to NYC at six weeks.

Related Tangent: I HIGHLY recommend feeding your baby upon takeoff and landing when traveling by plane.  This has made traveling, first with my daughter, Aliyah, and now with my son, Brayden, a breeze.  Or at least, as breezy as traveling with newborns can be.  They suckle, they drift off to sleep, the lull of the plane keeps them that way, and then they usually wake up in a fog during the deplaning process.  The suction process helps keep the pressure from hurting those cute little ears, so large crying spells are usually avoided.  And then once they come out of that sleepy fog, they are happy as clams.

So, as happy a traveler as he’s been, I think he’s elated to be home, sleeping in his own bed.  Or my bed.  Or co-sleeper.  Or wherever we lay him down.  But at least he’s home.  And when he makes noises during his naps his big sister can run to his side and pat his back.  And rub his head.  And see if his eyes are open or closed.  She won’t even let me check on him.  My little helper.

I needed one of those when she was a baby.