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Our family stay at Omni Resort at Champions Gate Orlando Florida

We love travel, I mean, LOVE it. Whether it’s to a city in our own backyard (yes, a two hour drive is considered our backyard) or somewhere across the globe, it makes a spark in me. If I’m being honest, it’s been WAY too long since I’ve traveled abroad, but I love our little ventures throughout our state and beautiful country with my clan so much as well. Last weekend we had to be in Orlando for two back-to-back days, so instead of driving back and forth each day, we decided to stay overnight and enjoy it fully. On top of it all, I just hit six weeks postpartum, which meant swimming!!! So yeah, finding a place with a great pool to really celebrate and enjoy our time to the fullest was a priority for me. Celebrate swimming? Who does that?! Maybe I need to tame my excitement at times, but to me these moments away with family are like mini-holidays, and we all know I can get a little cray over holidays. 

Thanks to my previous travels, I had some Omni credits racked up and there just so happens to be an Omni Resort in Orlando, so yay! We booked, we drove and we totally conquered that pool, lazy river, splash pad, slide, fire pit and more. 🙂

I’ve also pretty much got into the whole Snapchat thing recently. Instagram has always been a favorite social platform for me, but as of late, Snapchat is so my groove. I still forget to use it here and there, and so I’ll go a day or two with nothing and then remember to use it and then it’s snappy-snaps all day long… but it’s so fun! The unedited, raw life of it all is what I love. And the fact that you can be so candid and real because it’s gone soon anyway, nakey kids, messy hair, messy home, it’s all there! So, first, if you’re not on Snapchat yet, get on it. It’s for real, ya’ll. And secondly, come find me and let’s connect! I’m there as TabithaRBlue (and seriously I wish I didn’t need my middle initial there or at least wish I could change username, ahem, so thanks for that, Snapchat).

Below are a few phone shots, some that I put on Instagram already, along with our Snapchat story from our overnight getaway to Orlando where I kind of over-snapped! Hope to see you on Insta and Snapchat!Splash Pad fun at Omni Resort Orlando at Champions Gate Splash Pad fun at Omni Resort Orlando at Champions Gate Baby Swims at Omni Resort Orlando at Champions Gate Splash Pad fun at Omni Resort Orlando at Champions Gate Baby Swims at Omni Resort Orlando at Champions Gate

Mama and baby love Smores at the Fire Pit at Omni Resort Orlando at Champions Gate

By the way, this post isn’t sponsored in any way, I just like sharing places and things we love! 🙂 Have you travelled anywhere recently? I’d love to hear about it!


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