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This past weekend we opened our arms and our hearts to welcome our newest addition to the family, Aria Lee Blue! Born June 3, 2016 at 3:25pm… Happy Birthday!Welcome to the world, baby Aria Lee Blue!!

It was another experience of things progressing very quickly, like extremely quick and Chris, while holding my hand and encouraging me along with the nurse not to push, was almost the one to catch her little head! Of course, that all happened in a whirlwind of speed after a very slow start, contractions all week and with a couple of trips to the hospital both for contractions and another little scare. We are so grateful and thankful for our healthy, sweet girl and I’ll take some time this week to let the full story unravel from my thoughts and emotions… maybe after a little bit of sleep. We are home and settling in as a family of SIX. And wow, that number is just a little crazy, but we are finding our rhythm, slowly.Welcome to the world, baby Aria Lee Blue!! Welcome to the world, baby Aria Lee Blue!! Welcome to the world, baby Aria Lee Blue!! Welcome to the world, baby Aria Lee Blue!!

Today, we are taking this precious newborn in for a simple procedure to fix a very small tongue tie. We hadn’t decided to at first, because she latched on like a champ, seemed to be nursing fine and it was also small, not particularly overpronounced. However after a few short days, we realized that taking care of it now (especially since it’s a common and quick fix), would make for a more fluid (no pun intended) and comfortable nursing experience for both of us now, and also prevent other possible issues later on in her life. No matter how “common” or “simple” the procedure may be, though, a mamas heart always breaks to see her baby in pain, even if only for a moment. Keep us in your prayers today!


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