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The swirl of the very first snowflake always marked the beginning of the season for me. It was the whisper of the holidays as the flurries twirled this way and that in a wild dance with the wind. Those whispers always carried the sound of a deliciously full holiday season, of laughs and giggles, smiles and song. And with the birth of my daughter, those same winter flurries marked the beginning of our own traditions, where we’d peel back the curtains to watch the snowfall… the perfect backdrop to an evening of trimming the Christmas tree. The night was never complete without a roaring fire, hot chocolate and our own moments of twirling this way and that to Christmas music while slinging tinsel and ornaments. I remember those early days well, as Aliyah’s eyes grew to match our large round twinkling lights as she exclaimed, “Pitty tee!” (pretty tree), my heartbeat matched the excited thump-thump-thump of hers. Though we can’t really open our curtains to reveal the falling snow anymore, since our move to Florida, we’ve found ways to keep the tradition very much alive… and the fire, hot chocolate and carols still accompany our tree trimming tradition, thought this time with the excitement spilling out three times over as our three littles take it all in.

There is just something about the holidays with our wee ones. Seeing each moment through their eyes, the scents are sweeter, the sights are more alluring, the feeling of each and every tradition feels so much deeper, more meaningful. I can feel the palpable anticipation building even now as they talk about the holidays, point out pajamas in the store for our tradition of the Christmas Eve gift and plan out what we want to try our hand at baking this year. It’s easy to be intoxicated by their passion… contagious, it really is the best time to be a kid.

Some of our holiday traditions are looking a little different these days… like our annual Christmas day trip to the beach, but the ritual of our family festivities are ours, and they’re special.Miami Beach | Fresh Mommy Blog-8

Every family has their own unique story to tell and share with their holiday traditions… I’d love to hear yours! Miami Beach | Fresh Mommy Blog-4Miami Beach | Fresh Mommy Blog-3Miami Beach | Fresh Mommy Blog-6

Gymboree is spending the season celebrating why the holidays are “the best time to be a kid,” and has teamed up with families, including EXTRA host Mario and his wife Courtney Lopez, to share the #BestTimetoBeaKid for their family during the holidays as well as some of their favorite Holiday picks from Gymboree… and they all really are adorable together. 

Gymboree is inviting parents to share photos of the moment in their family that is the #BestTimetoBeaKid during the holidays, and when you do, you could win a $2,500 shopping spree to Gymboree! Enter by uploading the photo to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag, or by submitting the photo directly to their site

You’ll also find free coloring sheets and activities to print out for your kids to enjoy at!Miami Beach | Fresh Mommy Blog-7

I can’t wait to see and hear about your favorite holiday moments and why this really is the #besttimetobeakid!


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