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I’m uncovering great winter skin with Aveeno® Active Naturals as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #Aveeno.

When it comes to taking care of my skin, I give it high priority. Or at least in theory I do. Enter three kids in the picture and time to spend on a beauty routine gets cut drastically. But I have found some tips and tricks to make the most of the little time I do have… and especially with all the travel that happens around the holiday, I figured it was the perfect time to show you what’s in my bag of tricks! And also, I’m actually publishing a few photos without makeup, eek!aveeno active naturals, beauty, #aveeno, natural, cream Top 5 Beauty Travel Essentials-1-2 aveeno active naturals, beauty, #aveeno, natural, positively radiant aveeno active naturals, beauty, #aveeno, natural, cream

Especially in the drying winter months, it’s super important to stay moisturized. For the longest time, I avoided many moisturizers like the plague, fearing breakouts and oily skin. Something I’ve learned is that a great moisturizer doesn’t leave you looking like an oil slick, it hydrates well and allows your skin to stop overreacting and producing it’s own oil slick. Gross right? Yeah, that is something I’m totally okay with avoiding.

As I’m sure all of you can relate to, busy lives mean that finding items that pull double or triple duty is a must! So without further ado, my top five beauty essentials for winter travel (And for day-to-day life at home as well, but especially important to pack these with you if you’re headed out on holiday.)…

For winter, I am really enjoying the easy use and versatility of Aveeno® Positively Radiant® CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Having a holistic skin care product that includes many different needs, like sun protection, moisturization and light coverage all-in-one is important because I’m always looking for ways to take care of my skin in the short (read, nonexistent) alone time to get ready in the morning. I feel completely comfortable applying this in the morning and if I don’t get to any other makeup that day, I’m okay with it. And if I need to head out? Well a swipe of lipstick and a little mascara does the trick. What’s even more is that Aveeno® uses Active Naturals® Total Soy Complex in order to reduce the signs of discoloration and blotchiness and overtime this is evening out my skin tone.

So whether you’re choosing double-duty products to use at home (perfect for a busy mom’s routine), or looking for a simple and easy routine for travel, make sure to include a few key items in your beauty arsenal.

    • A great tinted moisturizer and sunscreen all-in-one like Aveeno® Positively Radiant® CC Cream
    • Coconut oil for everything (cuts, scraps, dry skin, hair moisturizer, lip conditioner, etc)
    • Make up removing wipes
    • Dry shampoo
    • A great lipstick

beauty travel secrets with Aveeno beauty travel secrets with AveenoYep, it really is that simple… and every product here can be great for multiple uses, cutting down on time and space. For example, use lipstick for a quick swipe of blush as well as lip color. Make up removing wipes can be used for a quick face wash or to clean up anything. Dry shampoo extends the life of your hair wash which adds moisture to your hair in the long run by avoiding over-washing, can also tame unruly eyebrows and freshens a pair of stinky shoes. And coconut oil? Well, there is almost nothing that you can’t do with it as it’s a natural moisturizer, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. For more beauty tips check out The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Flawless Skin.

Do share, what is your winter beauty routine? Any tips for keeping it quick and simple?


Tabitha Blue