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We had another round of sickness pass through the house this weekend, and this time it was me! Oy vey. I caught whatever stomach bug my littles kept me up with last week. Now though, we are all on the mend and feeling quite better (so thankful it was a super quick less-than-24-hour-bug), sanitizing the house, diffusing essential oils throughout each room and slathering ourselves in them. But right before than all went down, I was able to wrap up all the presents! Just that is an accomplishment in itself, as I’m not necessarily quick at this particular job, but I do love the look of brown craft paper (a roll of the stuff from Home Depot has lasted us three years so far!) and some great ribbon… or this year I’m using a large roll of red yarn we’ve had in our craft closet for ages. I didn’t quite have time to create my own tags this year, but since the internet is full of amazingly creative people who create amazing things, I’ve rounded up six of my favorites that I found quickly, and I’m sharing them with you today, in case you need to print some off to finish up your wrapping as well!

6 beautiful, creative and FREE Christmas gift tags

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Happy wrapping!


Tabitha Blue