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Money // Reverse 52 Week Savings Plan

Last year I posted the  Weekly Resolution savings plan. It’s a great plan and if you started it, I hope you finished it! It was such a easy and methodical way to save, however, I’ve found myself cheating at the end of the year. Last week, instead of saving my $49, I spent it on Christmas gifts. In my defense, this savings account was for Christmas gifts and travel, but it still felt wrong and like I didn’t finish something I started.

So, for 2015, I’m providing you with the tools to do this same savings plan, but in reverse. This way the “hard saving” will be done while you are all jazzed up and excited about saving. And you’ll still end up with the same amount of money at the end of the year. Frankly, I’m feeling like I should have thought of this last year, but better late than never!Reverse 52 week money challenge

Just print it out and cross off each week as you go! At the end of the year you’ll have almost $1400 saved up and ready to invest, buy Christmas gifts, or go on vacation. Money // Reverse 52 Week Savings

What will you use your Reverse 52 Week Savings on??? I’m partial to the vacation idea. : )

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