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Mother's Day poolside

This Mother’s Day was real, and wonderful and full of lot’s of little squabbles, squeals, laughs and craziness… just like every day is. Since my family is sweet enough to deem this month “Mother’s Day Month” they of course extended the gift of Mother’s Day out through the weekend. Thankfully the day itself contained a nap (sort of) and pool time, since any time I get the chance to request what to do it pretty much involves water. Not even five minutes after the above photo was taken, Brayden took a little swim with my phone in the pool… but it was without the normally attached LifeProof case! Oops! Happy Mother’s Day indeed. So today, finally, I’m just now leaving the Mac store with it all fixed. 🙂

Motherhood is a constant cycle of giving… from those first moments of giving life, actual life, the rest of your life is found in giving. Giving time, energy, comfort, care, hugs, kisses, emotion, lifestyle and everything you can. On days where we recognize and celebrate this gift of giving of ourselves, literally and physically, for our littles ones, I am grateful for the moments that make up my days with them. These moments are filled with more chaos than order and more loud than quiet, but they are moments I wouldn’t’ trade for anything else. I hope your Mother’s Day was spectacular, and celebrated, and real.wordless wednesday

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