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I waited to post about this little lipstick print prezzie I made for my husband because I’m sure he reads each and every post. And by that, I mean that I didn’t want the one post that he happened to come across this week, or month, to be his gift before he had the chance to receive it.

But it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to give a gift of kisses. I think kisses should be given often and freely to the ones you love.


“Happiness is like a kiss, you must share it to enjoy it.”
~Bernard Meltzer

Lipstick Print DIY on Fresh Mommy Blog

I recently pinned a sweet little project to my board dedicated to love day on Pinterest, and knew I had to make something special of my own for my man. So I rummaged through our box of unused (or at least non-wall-adorning) frames to find this gem, grabbed a sheet of cardstock from the office and a few of my favorite lip colors and started my DIY lipstick print.

Lipstick Print DIY for Valentine's Day featured by top US lifestyle blog, Fresh Mommy BlogValentine Gift of Kisses-2
Then came the fun, slightly awkward part… kiss, kiss and kiss some more. I had a wipe and a paper towel so that I could swipe on a color to leave a few kisses and wash, rinse, repeat.
Lipstick Print DIY for Valentine's Day featured by top US lifestyle blog, Fresh Mommy Blog
I considered writing a note across the front matte on the lipstick print, but decided to leave a note on the back instead, and so I just secured it with some cute ribbon tape. This DIY lipstick print and gift of kisses now hangs in our room, so my favorite man can always have kisses around, even for those moments when I’m not.
Valentine Gift of Kisses-4
Hopefully your love day was filled with something sweet, whether it be kisses, gifts or something else quite literally sweet. For me? I’m still working on my box of chocolates. Cheers to a new week, friends!


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