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Words escape me tonight as I slide into under the sheets in the downstairs family room that really is our family’s room for the next week or so.

And when I say words escape me, what I really mean is that words will be few tonight, because my sheets are calling to me… the sheets covering a large blow-up mattress, tucked between a smaller blow-up mattress with an almost asleep little girl sprawled on it and a couch with a tuckered out little babe humming the rhythm of sleep tucked into it’s corner.

I was very grateful for this holiday which involved very little labor, in fact, I needed it and was hoping that very little laboring would happen.

Our week was spent crossing a 1200 mile stretch of road while we hauled the contents of what has been our home, our memories, for the past eight years.  Followed by emptying boxes and boxes… oh, and a few more boxes until we had a mountain of cardboard threatening the heights of our new garage.

But late last night, or rather early this morning, greeted us with the satisfying motion of scooping up two sleeping littles and carrying them down to our temporary abode to snuggle in with us after arriving back in Michigan.  There are still a few more days of fulfilling responsibilities and attending celebrations, including Big Sister’s 5th Birthday Party, before the final move.

I’m about to settle back into the nothingness that this day brought… nothingness along with a much needed midday nap after walking around like a slow moving drunk all morning and mixing up a batch of sprinkle covered individual chocolate cakes with my girl after dinner, before the morning brings with it a whirlwind of party planning and last-minute detail finalizing.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

The harbor view just minutes from our new home…