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Right now, the only light in the room is the soft glow of my laptop in a dark hotel room. My fingers are gliding the keys, dancing from letter to letter to the low hum of three sleeping littles tucked snugly in the hotel bed next to mine (well, one in the crib), and we’re all cozy now, away from the chill of a cold front rolling through Charlotte, and it’s especially chilly for us Floridians. It’s our last night together, all of us, as in the morning (and I mean earrrrly in the morning), Chris heads north with the older two to see family in Michigan for Thanksgiving while I jet out to LA with baby boy. Why am I sharing all of this? Well for a couple of reasons… for one, because fun toys like this Flatout Frankie Dino and Unicorn stick are perfect for outdoor play when it’s warm enough… but also on days like today where we freeze walking the couple of blocks to Starbucks, I’m grateful for these great imagination enhancing toys that are wonderful for indoor play as well. And also? Because we’re kicking off a week full of fun Holiday Gift Guides, curated by yours truly and with the help of these kiddos (so yes, the kids gift guides are actually items that little girls and boys want) with a giveaway for YOU! And you know, you can totally keep the giveaway for your family, or even gift it for Christmas coming up.

Flatout Frankie Riding Dino and UnicornFlatout Frankie Riding Dino and Unicorn

All crafted out of 100% recyclable materials, they are all about creative and active play, and my kids can’t get enough jumping and chasing in while they’re “riding” their Roar dino and Unicorn sticks… two big plusses in my book. We’re always looking for ways to encourage creative play, especially when it’s so easy to get sucked into technology, which is okay with us too, in limited quantities. Besides being adorable and reminding me of childhood horse riding sticks, I don’t mind the kids playing on them for as long as their little hearts desire.

Flatout Frankie Riding Dino and UnicornFlatout Frankie Riding Dino and UnicornFlatout Frankie Riding Dino and UnicornFlatout Frankie Riding Dino and UnicornFlatout Frankie Riding Dino and Unicorn

So buckle up and “ride” along with us as we kick off our gift guides this week, though I would definitely recommend adding this one to the list for one of the littles in your life. And to make it even easier, LittleModern is offering 15% off to Fresh Mommy readers with the code FRESH15!

Flatout Frankie Riding Dino and Unicorn

Want to win your own?! Just enter the giveaway below! Happy winning friends, and happy Monday!

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Little Modern provided us with our Flatout Frankie pieces at no charge. All opinions are mine, all mine, and no other compensation was received for this post. Good luck everyone!