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“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller


I’ve been traveling a lot this past week and a half, and though the travel itself isn’t a new thing or more than I’ve been used to in the past, I feel like I’m living one of those moments in life where the balls are spinning and I’m running out of hands, or feet, or elbows to hold them up. Thus, the lack of time spent here, in this precious space of mine with you beautiful friends. I’ve so missed our coffee dates and happy conversations. And speaking of coffee, I have to admit, I’m usually WAY more of a soy chai tea latte fan than coffee, but with this schedule I’ve adopted recently I’ve fallen head over heals in love with a good cup of Cuban cafe con leche. I know it’s a Miami thing right now, but I’m determined to figure out how to make it work at home as well. Delicious.

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Many people close to me lately, and by lately I mean this past week, have experienced the amazing feat of facing fear at it’s most intense game of life or death, with the cumulative effect of seeing life in a new light and reevaluating circumstances. These are their stories and not something I can share openly here, but I have to say, just reliving the events through their eyes and words has me looking at my own life and has given all of us a new way of seeing things. Sometimes when a could-be tragic situation leaves you grateful for another morning or the next breath, things like massive plane mechanical failures while in flight and other situations meant only for television shows that I don’t even like to watch, it’s easy to see things in a different light, to look with new eyes. But, why does it sometimes take a force of nature, or evil, for us to be grateful for the good? For the little things like sharing a slice of pumpkin bread with someone we care for or a tender hug in a deep, comforting embrace. Why do tragic events cause our last few days to play like a movie trailer in our minds as we scroll through quickly, hoping and praying that we left each person that holds a special place in our hearts with a smile or those simple words, “I love you.”


I’ve become practiced the art of smiling through answers on the Auto Show floor (the reason I’m in Miami at the moment), mostly to wonderfully sweet people, families I’ve met or genuine good souls… and then other times, it’s a smile that carries me through the thought process of what I really want to say and to the answer that leaves my mouth. Though I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with edited words, and in fact, times where they’re necessary, life is too short for edited love.

How do you let others in your life know they’re important? What do you do to let the love flow, unedited and graceful, refreshing the very lives of those who are important in your own life? Do tell.

It makes me smile to send texts for no reason other than to express affection and holding that hug for a second longer than expected. I cherish the moments I can tell someone how much they mean to me and want to be the light in someones day making them feel important or special… and I’m determined to find new ways to do just that. Real and unedited ways.