Each season in life seems to ebb and flow with the tide of change. Whether it’s outside changes, like moments when the world mourns and any normal day becomes anything but, where new normals of gratitude and awareness are established. And sometimes it’s changes from within… within the family walls or even internal views and perspectives. Lately, I’ve been riding the flow of quiet, as you may have noticed. While home, I’ve felt the call to hibernate, to stay calm in the cozy comfort of my family and even while away for work this past week in Miami, my body has been making the case for rest, family time and as much relaxation as possible between work life and a family of five in a Miami beach hotel room. 

I thought it was about time I share the main reason for this season of change in my life, a season of quiet. My body has definitely been preoccupied, along with every other part of me, since it’s growing new life! We’re excited to say that we’re expecting another wee one next summer!Pregnancy and maternity

So while my body has been adjusting (and very quickly I might add) to accommodate a new growing baby, it’s also been trying very hard to keep any kind of food down and helping me to slow down. I have to be very honest here, I wasn’t sure when I’d be ready to share or say anything with the world… we’ve had many ups and downs before and sometimes I feel the need to hide away and wait. Maybe that was part of the need for hibernation? Or maybe it was a bout of trying to keep my stomach settled and food down. But really, why hide it? Why wait when life happens whether we’re in waiting or not. We know that we don’t live in a world of perfection, and with even more recent events, we’re in a world very much in need of love and healing. I’m sharing today not because I necessarily felt ready, but because every bit of life should have the chance to be celebrated. From the moment of conception, there was life (whether I knew it or not), precious sweet life. 

I wrote last night on Instagram as I was on my way back home from Miami to my family (as they were only there with me for a few days) that I was SO grateful for the opportunity to catch a late night flight home to the arms of my loved ones. Even something so simple as those plans coming to pass filled my heart with gratitude because not everyone has that hope, or relief. For each moment, I’m grateful. For each smile from a stranger, I’m grateful. For each helping hand and act of kindness, I’m grateful. For you and all of your love and encouragement through the years, I’m grateful. And for each (of the many!) hugs and kisses from my littles, I’m so immensely grateful. Celebrating life, growing life. Grateful for family and pregnancy.

Today marks a new normal. While I was in my own celebratory mode over new and growing life, I don’t want to let another moment pass without finding joy in this little one’s life, and sharing that joy with you.Pregnancy and celebration of new life.


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