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Today marks the first official day of Autumn. And while here in Florida our temperatures feel far from Fall, we’re ready to celebrate the new season. Like any new turn of the calendar, it brings a fresh, new excitement. We’re learning to find ways to make it feel more like the fall we remember from living in Michigan, and with the help of our littles, we put together an Autumn Bucket List to get us into the season of pumpkins and spice, apple picking, booties and scarves! It may be awhile before we break out the scarves, but I’m determined to. 😉Autumn Bucket ListFall is Summers Last Smile free download and printable. An Autumn Bucket ListFall is my Bucket List free download and printable. An Autumn Bucket List

Want to download these fall graphics? Just click here for Fall is Summer’s Last Smile and here for Fall is My Bucket List and feel free to use as a background for your tech devices or print and hang!

Here’s the top ten on our Autumn bucket list that we’re determined to make happen. With four kids, one being a sweet babe, and warm weather, it may take us awhile, but we’re going to give it shot!

  1. Visit an apple orchard. This one is a little easier said than done since we have to find one, but it looks like an overnight trip to Georgia is in our fall future! – Me
  2. Pumpkin carving and make pumpkin pie. -Aliyah, age 10
  3. Eat too many homemade doughnuts. – Skylar, age 3
  4. Treasure hunt around the city. -Brayden, age 6
  5. Family costumes… something easy! -Me 😉
  6. Since we’ll be away for Thanksgiving, have a delicious fall inspired feast with family and friends, early in November.
  7. Master making caramel apples (with some of the apples we pick!). -Brayden, age 6
  8. Watch a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral, given they have one this fall. – Chris
  9. Clean out our closets again and begin the journey towards a capsule, or at least a much more simplified, wardrobe. Take donations to a local shelter. -Me
  10. Finally print and hang some family photos with Aria included. We haven’t printed any pics since her birth! – Me

What’s on your Autumn bucket list? I’d love to hear… and happy first day of Autumn!