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So I’ve discovered the secret that makes supermodels wake-up ready. Okay, so maybe it’s not so much a secret and maybe it doesn’t make me look like a supermodel,  but I have to say, I’m loving the almost-no makeup thing lately!  Eyelash extensions, before and afters! See the dramatic transformation and get tips on finding the best lash stylist.Eyelash extensions, before and afters! See the dramatic transformation and get tips on finding the best lash stylist.

Lash Extensions are something I’d been hearing about more and more (and everywhere!), and for the longest time I just put it off as something excessive and unnecessary. While it might not be a necessity (I will still yield that), it became one of my favorite treats, because really… I’ve hardly worn eye makeup since I’ve had them! I’m sure I will wear more eye makeup as well and there will be times that I’ll want to, but thick and full lashes make such a beautiful impact already that not much else is needed, and that is actually refreshing. It can make a girl feel pretty glamorous to still have lashes that look fabulous and on-point even when the makeup comes off.

So in my session with lash guru Cristina of LUXE Day Spa in Tampa, I asked her to dish on all the secrets of making lashes fabulous… and how to have them stay that way!Eyelash extension before and afters from LUXE day spa in Tampa and Tabitha Blue

What are some good tips for women looking to find a professional lash stylist?

First, check out their website and see if they have a good portfolio of before and after photos from their own clientele. Yelp is a great place to start and see what kind of places are in your area, and what the reviews are saying. Even more important than the review though, is finding a place that looks clean, calm, professional and that is recommended by one of the big lash brands (JB Lashes, Xtreme, etc, and can find that on their sites). If you can get a recommendation from someone whose work you’ve seen, that’s another great place to start. Don’t be afraid to call and ask where the stylist has trained or if it’s to an advanced level and some other questions you may have… like what type of lashes or glue is used. I’d be cautious of those super cheap deals and places where it seems like lashes are just the “add-on” as opposed to having a trained professional applying he lashes. It usually ends up being a cheap job that doesn’t last as well or that can hurt your lashes. What you’re trying to avoid is glue containing formaldehyde (yes some places actually use it) and someone that applies with a heavy hand or doesn’t take their time applying properly to your lashes (which can damage your lashes). Good lashes are worth paying a bit more for, and you’ll see the difference in the long run!

How do I take care of my lashes?

Many people are left not knowing how to take care of their new lashes! The glue takes 12-24 hrs to bond properly and thoroughly and it’s important for you to keep them dry during this time. Avoid steam rooms, a heavy workout, washing your hair, etc and was around your lashes when you wash your face. Another big question is about makeup, you can absolutely wear makeup including eye makeup and mascara with your new lashes (although you don’t need to), just keep in mind that you need to find oil free formulations for eye makeup. Check for liners, mascaras and makeup remover that is oil free since the oil can dissolve the glue. If you can, sleep on your side or your back, so as not to smash your lashes by sleeping directly on them. Also, ask your lash stylist for a clean eyelash brush if they don’t offer one (basically it’s like a mascara sample brush) so that you can fluff your lashes each morning. All of these simple tips will help increase the longevity of your lashes. If you happen to be concerned about the health of your natural lashes or want to wear extensions indefinitely, it’s easy to find a good lash conditioner that will keep lashes strong and healthy.

Who can wear lashes?

Just about anyone who has eye lashes! The extensions are attached close to the root of the natural lash, so any client that has natural lashes to start with can have extensions. Even with gaps in their lashes, we can use techniques to fill them when doing the extensions. I always take some time with my clients to see what kind of look they are hoping for and tailor each session to them and to compliment their face. It’s important to know if they’re looking for more volume or length, or what kind of shape they like to see. I’ve had many clients come to me to fix a bad lash job done by someone else, and it really turns people off from lash extensions in the first place to see so many tangle, messy, bad extensions. I’ve been in this business for years and know how to create a bold, beautiful look that has others wondering if what they’re seeing is real or not because it’s hard to tell.

It’s really hard for my clients to go back to the time and mess of mascara after they’ve had good lash extensions. And many times, they get a great little power nap in during our session as well! 

If you’re local to the Tampa Bay area, check out Cristina’s spa or call (813) 280-9917 to book (just in time for Christmas!).

I can’t say that I’ll keep my lashes indefinitely, as much as I would LOVE to! But I can say that it’s been amazing having lashes I don’t mind batting for the past couple of months… and I think it would be perfect right about that time before baby is born (every mom needs all the beauty help she can get right before those nights of lost sleep and days of few showers and no makeup!). Also, I can totally see why this little beauty secret is one that women like to keep close, it makes getting ready in the morning that much quicker and taking the makeup off that much sweeter, since you still are left with luscious lashes. 

So what do you think? Have you had lash extensions before? Is it something you’d try?! I think it’s a perfect time to add it to your Christmas wish list!! I know I’m adding it to my “hospital baby essentials” list 😉


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