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I’m sharing my tips for the ultimate serenity bath and caring for my skin as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #Aveeno. All tips and opinions are mine alone.

I’ve literally just returned home from a quick vacation… a girls’ weekend on a cruise! It was a birthday present that we’ve been talking about for years and finally made happen (more on the trip to come, soon!). Fabulous right? And the craziest part about any vacation is coming home just to need a vacation from your vacation, #amiright?

Whether you’re returning home and need a good way to settle back into the rhythm and routine of home (plus maybe wash off the scent of sand and surf), or you’re ready to relax and take a few minutes away from the daily grind, here are a few tips for the ultimate serenity bath.Relax in a calming bath with Aveeno, and more tips for making yourself the ultimate serenity bath.Relax in a calming bath with Aveeno, and more tips for making yourself the ultimate serenity bath.

  1. Start running the water, not too hot and not too cool. Too hot and you can get a little dizzy and lightheaded from the heat, not to mention strip your skin of moisture and that’s not what we’re after. Too cool, and well, it makes it hard to relax and unwind. Find a mix of warm for you that falls below the hot category for the perfect relaxation bath.
  2. While the water is running, get everything else ready. You don’t need to spend time at this point to clean your bathroom, and that’s not what I’m recommending here, but it’s definitely easier for your mind to disengage and for you to disconnect from the guilt of responsibilities if you aren’t staring at a pile of messes (unless you’re one of the few who can totally unwind and relax in the midst of it). For the rest of us, take a quick second to clear away the clutter so you can prep and get ready to fully enjoy the serenity of the perfect bath.
  3. The bath is a great time to do a face mask. The steam opens your pores, plus there is just something about laying your head back, closing your eyes and knowing you’re doing something great for your skin.
  4. Bring something to sip. I think baths are a great time for tea… green, detox, chamomile. But if sipping the leaves isn’t something you prefer, try a glass of cool water infused with fruits. You could bring juice, wine, champagne, coffee, really whatever floats your boat. If you’re feeling really ambitious, a small snack is fine too, grapes, chocolates, strawberries, etc. Just have a small table close or a place to set everything so it’s near enough to reach but away from splashes or the risk of falling in the tub.
  5. Don’t forget to set your tunes. Now, there are times when I crave the simplicity of silence, but all too often in a home of three little ones, I need something to take my mind off of the sounds I’m hearing outside the bathroom door. Crashing noises and whines aren’t necessarily relaxing. If you don’t have your own album or playlist, Spotify and Soundcloud have some relaxing playlists and Pandora is also a great resource for genre playlists.
  6. Set the ambiance and aromatherapy benefits by lighting a candle and/or diffusing some essential oils. It’s amazing how much difference a scented room can make on our attitude and overall well-being. 
  7. Gather your essentials. I’ve long been using Aveeno products and when I’m gathering up items for a relaxing bath, I’ll grab my Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Body Wash and moisturizer to calm and nourish my skin (with colloidal oatmeal to naturally soothe skin, not to be confused with the oatmeal from your kitchen 😉 ). I’ll also make sure I have a fresh towel (straight from the dryer is especially nice), pjs, a razor and whatever else I might need for the bath that night.
  8. Boost the water. Before you hop in the tub, add a little something to the water, a few drops of essential oils, some bath or epsom salts, a bath bomb, a bath oil or oatmeal treatment… there are options to benefit you and your skin in the bath tub.
  9. As you slide down into the water, take a few deep breaths. Let the action calm you, your nerves, your muscles and your mind. 
  10. Stay in the tub at least 20 minutes or until the water cools and you feel rested and refreshed. My favorite time for a bath? At night when I can slide on pajamas and crawl into bed.

Do you have any more tips for a great bath? I’d love to hear! Reply to this email (if you’re a subscriber) or share in the comments below!Relax in a calming bath with Aveeno, and more tips for making yourself the ultimate serenity bath.

Enjoy your tub time… I know I am tonight!


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