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birthday wish list

1// Sweets 2// Body oil mist  3// Clarsonic Mia  4// Good books, like this or this  5// Giftcards for some of my favorite jaunts like Starbucks and Target, since I’m trying to cut back on trips here from our budget  6// Birch Box membership

I can’t even believe that this week will mark the end of my “twenties.” It really is the turning of a new chapter! I have this weird thing that before a holiday or birthday, whenever I’m asked what I want, I totally blank and can’t think of one single thing. And though it might be a little late, since my big day is literally a couple of days away, I thought I’d round up a few things I’ve been eyeing lately… besides the perfect pampering gifts I’ve been craving like a haircut (it’s been soooo long overdue, the last time I had a haircut, I took scissors to my own hair in the bathroom), pedicure and facial. Maybe next time I’m asked, I can just refer back to this post… or if you’ve got a girl in your life with a big day coming up, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind something from this round up either!