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We’re currently headed home from our quick getaway to a “nearby” hotel with our littles, after spending two days building lego sets from the Downtown Disney LEGO store, digging for Dino bones at T-REX and shielding the birthday boy from the crazy monkeys in Rainforest Cafe (at least he thought they were crazy) and of course, taking on the pool with as much splashing and celebrating we could muster… celebrating our littlest’s fun and adventurous two years of life with us!

Splash pad fun!

So while we celebrate Skylar’s life, I’m smiling. Smiling big. You know what else makes me smile? Brayden, and all of his cute and adorably witty remarks. I hope they make you smile today too.
Daddy, I know why you know so many stories… Because you been born way before us.
Mama, remember when we went up on the highest mountain of the whole galaxy?
Okay I need to get out of the car, my belly button is really hurting.
What’s papa’s password? (And by password he means phone number, as he grabs the phone to call him.)
Hold on, I’m not going to count the numbers. I’m going to read them with my mind.
No one in the while world wants to let me talk! (Such an exasperated, dramatic remark!)
Mommy, you don’t have to come in here… we really don’t have a plan, we just want to climb out our bedroom window.
I think this came from tomorrow, because I didn’t see it the other days.
I washed my hair, and put in conditioner. Then I put gel in it and brushed it back. I was just  trying to do a thing. I’m just so creative!
Hold on, let me turn on my super-hero power listening ears. (I think this one will do him well in life ;))
Downtown Disney, Orlando Florida
TGIF friends and happy weekending to you!! What plans do you have for the weekend?


Tabitha Blue