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Today, I want to let you in on a little secret… there have been so many times where I’ve spent way too much time comparing myself to others. It’s not an easy thing to admit, to say out loud, to type on a blank screen where in a few minutes when I hit publish the entire world can read those words. But the fact that it’s hard to admit doesn’t make it less true. When I’ve had big dreams and see others accomplishing great things: comparison, worry, wondering if I’m enough. When I’ve felt guilty in motherhood and notice other mamas rocking it out: comparison. When I’ve wanted to be better, stronger, faster, richer, slimmer, taller, more cultured, well versed… and the list goes on: comparison. 

It can tend to rear it’s ugly head at any moment, stealing focus from anything and everything around. And I’ve realized that spending my time falling into the depths of comparison robs my future of the real me and steals the good that I can contribute to those around me. Comparison keeps us separated and alone, instead of building each other up and walking this life’s roads together.

I’m currently writing more about this, and how I’m overcoming it… as well as sharing about it this weekend with an amazing sisterhood of women (and if you’re in my area, I’m inviting you to come be a part of Awaken conference!), but I just couldn’t not share a little bit with you today.Download this background and be encouraged that comparison isn't your purpose!

Even as I type I’m convicted yet again about how I spend my time. Am I using the days, hours and minutes that I have with purpose? Am I using the gifts God has given me? Or have I been caught up in the trap of comparison where eventually we all end up living life accidentally?

Sometimes we all need a reminder… well, okay I say that because it makes me feel better saying “we all” when I really mean “me.” I need a reminder, many times, that it’s okay to be me. In fact, that simple fact is the hardest to accept sometimes… I should be, I’m supposed to be, I need to be me

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Maybe you’d like a reminder right along with me on your computer or device, go right ahead! I’d love to hear if you use it! 🙂

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