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date night at home and on a budget. What to do and what to wear.I recently talked about doing more with a dating series and this is a fun part of it!

While we’ve always tried hard to continue to date each other since being married… after three kids, there are just nights when finding a sitter doesn’t work out or we’re open to a more budget friendly option! Enter the Date Night In. That’s what this is all about, sharing some simple and easy ways to enjoy a date night in. After a trip to NYC, I’m still craving a hot slice of the city’s infamous pizza pie (okay and full disclosure, we actually had pretty much this exact date in our hotel room on the night Chris arrived to visit me, after his flight had been delayed and we were both up late… and not up for heading out on the town quite yet)! So the next time you’re stuck at home and still want a date to cozy up with (and if cooking isn’t something you want to do), why not create your own cozy night in?

In no particular order…

1// Start with a candle, and while we’re on a bit of an Italian theme, evoke your favorite vintage with this subtle wine-inspired appearance and aroma.

2// Mix in a bit of the comfy and cozy with a feminine flair in a sweater with lovely lace details (on sale!).

3// Find a romantic movie, that your man will still appreciate as well.

4// Pop some popcorn! And if you want to sweeten the deal and use it as dessert, try this confetti popcorn recipe for a smooth white chocolate popcorn treat.

5// Pull on your favorite jeans.

6// Order pizza from the best local pizza joint.

7// Skip the shoes and either go barefoot or slide into your cozy socks… something adorable like these pucker up kicks work great too!

What’s your idea of a great date night? Do you get a date night in very often or take advantage of your own couch for a cozy night in together?


Tabitha Blue