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On a rainy fall day, I feel dry and warm.  Nestled in front of the fireplace. Swimming in my cup is hot apple cider, the cider purchased from a recent visit to the farmer’s market.  My companions here are my loved ones, a good book and my trusty laptop.  

Just a few more minutes, please.  Let me stay in this place longer.  My mind can wander away from the things I should be doing, and I can keep up a few more of the things I want to be doing.

The tomatoes in the basket that still need to be made into sauce and canned.  The rocks that need to be collected before they can be painted into cute fall decorations.  The photos that should be taken outside, all the puddles are waiting.  One more load of laundry to be washed and put away.

These things can all wait while I enjoy a few more sips.  A few more lines in the chapter.  A few more snuggles that are to be had.  These things will all still be waiting when the moment is over, but the moment will not wait for all these things.  I choose the moment.