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This is a super simple answer to the ugly faux terra cotta pots that herbed plants usually come in. Since I didn’t want a strange orange color glaring at me every time I walked into the kitchen, I had to find a quick and affordable solution.

We all know that I love chalkboard paint, and use it whenever I get the chance, like for this easy kid’s table makeover or this fun countdown calendar. So for this project, I grabbed my trusty ole’ can of chalkboard spray paint from the garage… yes, it’s lasted through all of these projects.

After purchasing cheap pots from the store (I think they were just over $1 at TJ Maxx), I thought the chalkboard paint would allow for many different uses. By keeping the herbs in their original pots, I can switch them out quickly if my momentary green thumb decides to change color, or if I want to give the painted pots a different use at a party or gathering.

Chalk pots -blog-11. Gather supplies… Pots and spray paint.

Chalk pots -blog-22. Spray away. My little helper got the project started.

Chalk pots blog-5
Chalk pots blog-4

3. Let dry, add potted herbs and chalk it up!

Chalk pots blog-3
I love the look this adds to my kitchen, and the fact that I can really write whatever I want to on there… like “eat me” if I’m feeling particularly sassy.  And for parties? Well, since I left the original plants in their containers and just dropped the whole thing into my new pot, the options are almost endless, they can be used to hold utensils, to serve snacks, as a container for ice, etc.

Total cost of project, since I already had the paint = $2.75.

Chalk and I, we make great friends.