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Since we’re just a few days out from Christmas (a FEW DAYS people and we’re getting so excited!!!), I thought I’d share this cute gift idea that we whipped up for the kids’ teachers this year. I seriously needed something that I could make multiples of because we needed nine gifts… NINE. And really when you think about a teacher gift, I don’t know one that doesn’t need a morning kickstart of their daily grind, also, don’t they love gifts that their kids help make? If you’re a teacher and have some inside information, please pass it along. Though I will share that one of Brayden’s teachers was so excited to be able to write notes to her husband on the mug every morning.

I love these mugs, and “accidentally” made one extra that I may just keep it in my own cupboard. Really though, these chalkboard mugs are pretty simple to make, and the fun is in writing special messages on them every day. So if you’re still looking for a last minute gift idea, you could gift one of these for the coffee lover, the teacher, a parent… or even make a set of four for a family you know would love them!

So here we go, on to the deets:
Supplies: Plain mugs, rubbing alcohol, black chalkboard paint, painter’s tape, small brush.

1// Clean the area that you’re going to paint with rubbing alcohol. Just saturate a cloth and wipe the mug clean. Cute little helping hands are recommended, but not required.

2// Using your painter’s tape, mark off the area you’d like to paint. I’d recommend painting the lower portion of the mug and leave the top rim as is… the chalkboard paint is completely non-toxic, though not recommended for food use, so best to keep away from the lips.

3// Start the painting. The coverage is much smoother with about three light coats, with 1-2 hours of dry time between each rather than two heavy coats. Don’t worry, the first coat you apply makes it seems like you won’t get the color covered up, but you will!

4// Once you’ve finished your final coat, carefully remove tape before it dries. Use a sharp knife to clean up edges if needed or a small brush to touch up. Let dry overnight. Then put mugs in a cool oven, turn oven on to 400 degrees and set your timer for 40 minutes. After they’re cured and cooled, you’re ready to fill them with your choice of goodies!!

For these we added in a Christmas card, hot chocolates, chocolate, marshmallows and a piece of chalk. You could always add in a gift card to their favorite coffee joint, flavored syrups, instant coffee packets, etc.

Of course while I was packing up the goods, I made my own cup of chai tea and added a few marshmallows for fun. Is that horrible of me to keep one?
DIY Chalkboard Mug Gift FMB-7 DIY Chalkboard Mug Gift FMB-8
Let me know if you make your own! What are you gifting to the teachers in your life this year?

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