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Given my love affair with chalkboard paint, I knew that I had to use it when we decided to make over our worn down, worn out kid’s table from Ikea. The table has served us well, giving my littles plenty of space for their creativity to soar and their food to spread and spill. At it’s low price point, it’s not a hard table to replace, but I figured I’d try and give it a makeover first. It’s been needing one. So I went all Clinton Kelly on it… and I have to say, it turned out freakin’ fabulous.

(If you get that reference, you win! Not that I have a prize, but you still win.)

First up was a trip through the paint aisle at Home Depot. I already had leftover chalkboard paint from this project, but we wanted something else to brighten the chairs. After narrowing down the 15 yellows we looked at to the favorite, Bright Star, we learned that spray paint would save us the steps of sanding and priming… and I’m all about saving. So we found the closest in-a-can match to that beloved chosen color.

DIY Kid Table Makeover-1
DIY Kid Table Makeover-3

Big sister insisted on doing as much of the project as she could on her own. Hand the girl a ratchet and she’s got some mad skill… disassembling the furniture in record time. Also, notice the messed up table top? It was in pretty bad shape.

DIY Kid Table Makeover-5 DIY Kid Table Makeover-6 DIY Kid Table Makeover-8 DIY Kid Table Makeover-9

Once we had all of the pieces separated, we went ahead and began spraying the table top with the chalkboard paint. One, because sister girl couldn’t wait to get her spray on. And second, because I knew we could get the first coat in and then spray it again after we added some sunshine to the other pieces.

After the first coat of chalkboard fun on the table top, we taped off all of the chair legs since I wanted to leave them in their natural wood state to match the table’s still wood legs.

DIY Kid Table Makeover-11

And then we set out to add the coats of sunshine.

DIY Kid Table Makeover-12
DIY Kid Table Makeover-14
Yes, there’s a little peek at another project I was working on with the same paint.

Can I just say that I’m loving yellow right now? Because I’m totally crushing on it.

DIY Kid Table Makeover-15

Add a little tin of chalk and you’ve got yourself plenty of time to make dinner while the kids play and let their imaginations take over… or draw a place setting and carefully try and fill each drawing with the correlating tableware from the kitchen.

DIY Kid Table Makeover-16 DIY Kid Table Makeover-17 DIY Kid Table Makeover-18

So far, this project has been a hit in our home! Definitely one of our favorites.