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Enjoying these beautiful blooms (from our recent West Elm event) and the trickling of love, blessings and sweet little presents for Mother’s Day “month” as my family has now named it. It feels good to be celebrated, and I know not everyone is getting to feel that right now. So this weekend? I celebrate you.Florals from Apple Blossoms in Tampa Florida

A friend of mine recently announced the pregnancy of her rainbow baby… the life growing and promise of hope after the storm of loss. I remember those moments in my own life so vividly, the holidays where the pain of loss felt fresh and new, and the swirling thoughts that brought along with them all of the feels. All of them.
And even along with a rainbow, with new hope and with excitement for the future, there is still attached to it the remembrance from where we’ve come. Sometimes we’re able to more fully recognize the beauty of each celebration and bright new chapter in our lives when we’ve come through the dark storms clouds and veil of rain.
So this weekend, friends, is for you. 
For the wombs that ache for the life it once held.
For the arms that only wish to hold a child of their own or a little one they’ve lost.
For the hearts that try to smile while crying through loss for the one who raised them.
For the strained relationships that should be so much more in which each holiday can tend to shed a light on.
For the fierce and brave love of the birth-mamas who chose to give their babies a different life through adoption.
For you mamas in the thick of it, living in those exhausting and precious moments where you’re needed all day long.
For all the lives we celebrate… for those that are with us and for the ones who aren’t.
Mother's Day florals, celebrating you
My heart is that no matter what you’re feeling this weekend, you’ll remember to find something to smile about. My prayer is that you will see your own rainbow on the horizon, because friend, the promise of hope is yours.
Mama’s may you be celebrated this weekend, and all year long. This weekend is for you… and more.
Happy Mother’s Day “month” 😉
Tabitha Blue