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Another week of seeing our children where they are, just as they are. No set up or posing… just holding the camera and waiting to see them in their element, doing what they do.

Skylar // I set him here while I had to step away, when I came back he was quietly playing with toys and looking out the window… and once I clicked the shutter he turned around and gave me this heart-melting grin.

Brayden // Sometimes our most sensitive little man, sometimes a goof-ball, and usually a mix of the two. He found daddy’s sunglasses and decided to play.

Aliyah // Our little reader. Once she began with those first three-lettered words like C-A-T, she took off from there. Now I’ll find her hidden in the guest room with a book from the stack she received for Christmas.

What moments happened this week that you wanted to freeze in time?