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If you’ve been following our last few posts, you will know that we’re rounding up a few of our favorite things for this year’s Fresh Mommy Gift Guide series!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a few friends in my life that are still living out their singleness or their newly married-ness. While these friends may not have children yet, a lot of them have dogs. And even some friends with kids still have pups that are like their babies! So with that said, our next round up is a gift guide for the dog mom. If you’ve got a dog mama in your life, here are a few present ideas that you just can’t go wrong with!Gift Guide for the Dog Mom. If you’ve got a dog lover or a dog mama in your life, here are a few present ideas that you just can’t go wrong with!

  1. Maddie on Things $11

This adorable book, is perfect for any Dog-Momma’s coffee table. Filled with funny pictures that are sure to bring a smile to any dog lovers face. It also incites a bit of a challenge to see what tricks they can get their pooch to do.

  1. You And Me and The Dog Travel Mug $21.60

If you know a dog momma that loves coffee about as much as her pooch, this travel mug is definitely a gift that will put an extra pep in her step.

  1. Humunga Stache Dog Toy $15

This gift is a two-fer, because in my opinion, it is fun for both the pooch and the human. I want to buy one of these for all of my friends with dogs.

  1. Found My Animal – Black Ombre Rope Dog Leash $62

This leash is not for everyone, but if your Dog Momma is hip to trends and a bit of a fashionista, this leash will be like buying her diamonds. These leashes are constructed in such a way that they can withstand hundreds of pounds of pull while allowing the owner the functionality of wearing it in a variety of ways. Found My Animal, is an American made brand that is passionate about animal rescue, when you purchase their product not only will you be giving a gorgeous well made leash but you will be supporting many different nonprofits that are working to rescue dogs all over this country.

  1. Leash Zipline Vehicle Restraint $67

This is one of the pricier gifts, but it is definitely something that every dog momma needs.

  1. Home is Where My Dog Is Carry All Pouch $16.20

This gift is for the makeup lovers and the dog lovers… it combines both in one cute package and looks hip in the process.

  1. If I Can’t Bring My Dog I’m Not Going T-Shirt $14

This t-shirt is the perfect gift for the Dog-Momma that loves herself a statement tee.

  1. Pinch Provisions Mini-Emergency Dog Kit $16

This little kit has almost everything a dog lover may ever need. It is perfect for the Dog Momma that is always on the go with her pooch. It is something she can keep in her car or purse, giving her a peace of mind that she is always prepared.

  1. Interactive Dog Feeder $42.45

This toy will be a crowd pleaser for both pooch and dog parent. Not only does it help pups to eat slower, which helps with tummy discomfort and digestive problems, it is also quite stimulating. The interactive feeding session can help burn off some of their excess energy, giving dog-momma some down time.

  1. Dog Tail Magnets $14

These adorable magnets come in a set of 6 and you have the option to buy the front half or the back half of the dog. I personally think the tail end is hilarious but both are super cute, and are definitely a quirky gift sure to inspire some laughter with your Dog Momma.

So tell me, do have a serious dog lover or doggie mama to buy for? What’s on your list for them this year?

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