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This was the scene yesterday morning around 9am… on the morning of Baby Blue’s 2nd birthday.  We started the day off cuddling in my bed, watching cartoons.   Not something we do often, but on the occasion… she loved it.  We were busy cuddling and tickling while daddy was in the playroom setting up Baby Blue’s gift.  I’ll preface to say that she loves trains!!  Not the trains you and I see, but the wooden playthings… that’s the ticket!  When asked if she’d like to go somewhere special, her most usual reply is, “To the bookstore, play trains!!”  The bookstore includes her three favorite pastimes… trains, books, and chocolate milk.  (I’ll usually get her organic chocolate milk from the cafe).
Needless to say, we decided to get her a wooden train set for her birthday, and it was a hit! Yay for mommy and daddy.
PS. Don’t you just love the tongue sticking out in the picture, she is focused.  That train needs to get to its destination!