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Sometimes, it’s just plain fun dressing up my kids. Sometimes, not so much… but when I love what’s in their closet (because of the style) and they love what’s in their closet (because of the comfort), we’ve totally hit a win-win! Because we’re ready for a little spring cleaning in the Blue household, and my mind immediately jumps to what we need to purge out of their closet, like Brayden’s now too short skinny jeans, I also can’t help bit think about what I want to add back in!

Today is a great day, for one because I got more than four hours of sleep last night (Hallelujah!) and two, because we’re going to celebrate spring with a giveaway full of a baby goodies worth over $550 for one of you!! Some of my favorite shops are listed below, either because we have something incredible from them that both me and my kids are head over heels for, or because I’ve been eyeing something in their shop for awhile now. And don’t worry if you don’t have a baby, plenty of the shops offer great products for boys and girls of all ages as well as for adults!

spring giveaway

1// Whistle and Flute (Young Hearts tee, $32 value) I’ve long been a fan of their rain cloud and je’taime tees, and their new summer/spring collection is just as adorable. I need to get on the ball and order some for my littles!

2// Mabo Kids (Organic leggings of your choice, $32 value) Organic, check. Super cute, check. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for stripes, and if were up to me, my kids would live in leggings and skinnies. And these striped leggings rock.

3// Freshly Picked (Moccs of your choice, $60 value) Moccs are so hot right now, much due to Freshly Picked and their line of completely adorable moccasins for little ones. Both of my boys have a pair and we get compliments on them all the time. What’s even better, is the soft soled shoes are great for little walkers (Skylar is almost there) and they stay on his feet. They always offer fun seasonal options as well, but hurry with those, because since FP was featured on Shark Tank recently, their seasonal options sell out fast!

4// Lise’s Pieces (Beaded Bracelet, $30) Easy and comfortable statement jewelry pieces are the easiest ways to dress up an everyday outfit, especially with a baby on board.

5// Juniper Wilde (Goodnight pillow, $25 value) This pillow is so adorable and would make a great addition to any little one’s room, though if I’m being honest, I would totally steal it and use it on my own bed!

6// Kidorable (Umbrella of your choice, $13.95 value) Who doesn’t love playing in the rain? It’s one of my favorite parts about spring and though I may get tired of too many rainy days in a  row, a good storm just makes me want to splash and splash! This spring let your kiddo splash around with one of the cute choices available from Kidorable. They’ve got a vast collection of rain boots and coats to match.

7// Little Green Pouch (Starter kit, $28 value) My kids love anything they can eat out of a squeezable pouch, and though Skylar isn’t there yet, I’m sure he will too. Now, with our reusable pouches, we can make our own wholesome recipes (their website is full of ideas) and save both our pocketbook, and green up the planet by using these.

8// Sugar Plum Lane Baby (Organic geometric hat and leggings set, $42 value) Again, I’m so happy with the fact that organic doesn’t mean plain. These geometric print leggings and hat would be great for either girl or boy and besides the fact that they’re cute and comfortable, they will be gentle on your little ones sweet skin.

9// A Little Bundle (Lady Fox, $40 value) How cute is this Lady Fox plush! Dress up your wee ones bed or stuffy collection with this cool cat… I mean fox.

10// Dot Dot Smile ($30 Shop Credit) With a great collection of dresses, leggings and other apparel for all ages (including adults), you may have a problem here figuring out just what it is you want to order, because you’ll want to shop for yourself and the kids.

11// Solly Baby (The Wrap of your choice, $65 value) Baby wearing is made comfortable and easy with the Solly baby wrap. I LOVED baby wearing, and still do some days, because sometimes mama just needs to have her hands available and sometimes baby just needs to be close. It’s amazing how cozy and comfy our little ones can feel snuggled in to us, and these wraps are lightweight and slim, making spring and summer baby wearing a breeze.

12// Riles and Co (Two 4oz. soy candles in Lavender Cucumber Sage, $28 value) I feel that home feels like home when candles are lit. Seriously. Even with little ones around, I’m a candle lover! That’s why these hand-poured soy candles are a great option and come in nursery and baby friendly scents (hello, fresh linen scent!). They are releasing a new spring lineup as well, and you’re in for a treat with the new Lavender Cucumber Sage scent.

13// Hello Apparel ($25 Shop Credit) Their cursive hello shirts have long been on my “want” list…. and this spring the floral option would totally rule the runway, or hallway. The great thing is they offer options for baby, for kids and adults!

14// Cutie Couture (Headband, $10 value) Add a little something pretty to your cutie’s collection with spring worthy floral headband.

15// Little Cocoa Bean ($30 Shop Credit) You can shop for blankets and pillow cases and apparel including a big selection of leggings… though I think my favorite is the metallic leopard leggings (pictured above). I so wish I had someone in my family that could wear those!

16// Little Hip Squeaks ($50 Shop Credit) I’m a huge fan of their super cozy and soft blankets, but their product line doesn’t end there, not even close. Make sure to check out their new spring line full of bright and colorful options for both girls and boys!

17// Penny and Tillie (Stag Pillow, $37.50 value) Stag decor has been popping up all over, especially with all the faux taxidermy pieces in every shape, color and textile… and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. If you want to stay on trend in a softer option like this adorable stag pillow, you can do it almost any color! Though I’m pretty fond of this gold stag pillow.

Not to worry lovies, if you don’t have your own kiddos yet, plenty of these shops offer items for adults and for the few that don’t you can use the winnings as a gift… you’ll be the coolest “aunt” or “uncle” out there, promise. Otherwise, this is a goodie bag full of some of the best baby and mama booty around valued at almost $600!

Good luck!