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Top 10 Health and Wellness Tips featured by top US life and style blog, Fresh Mommy Blog
Top 10 Health and Wellness Tips for more energy featured by top US life and style blog, Fresh Mommy Blog

Have you ever felt like you were running on empty? A LONG weekend recently felt that way for me as my household came down with some kind of bug, that even knocked me out for a solid two days straight. I could barely lift my head!

Thankfully, my superhero of a mom was in town and helped to take care of me since I could barely move without running to the bathroom – I didn’t keep any food down for two days. After that, I knew it was time to power back up, boost my immunity and get in plenty of “super-hero” food (what we like to call the healthy stuff, and my kids love it)!

10 Health and Wellness Tips for the Everyday Superhero

In the spirit of “Powering the Hero Within” Dole’s 10-week empowered-living alliance with Marvel’s Captain Marvel, we’ve compiled these ten tips for everyday superhero women (like you + me, and our mama’s!):

1. Break the Fast:

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Get your metabolism going in the morning by eating a healthy breakfast with a mix of protein and fiber such as low-fat yogurt and fruit or an egg-white omelet with veggies. This Coconut Acai Smoothie Bowl delivers 10 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber!

2. Keep Hydrated:

Top 10 Health and Wellness Tips featured by top US life and style blog, Fresh Mommy Blog: keep hydrated

Drink water and lots of it. Water helps manage hunger, prevents fatigue and keeps skin hydrated and looking fresh. Try floating sliced strawberries or pineapples in your water to keep flavors interesting throughout the day!

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3. Stretch It Out:

Top 10 Health and Wellness Tips featured by top US life and style blog, Fresh Mommy Blog: stretch and exercise

Sneak in stretches throughout the day to boost circulation, ease back pain and help relieve stress.

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4. Be Prepared:

Keep your blood sugar level steady with small healthy meals throughout the day. And think ahead by keeping protein-packed snacks handy.

5. Get Moving:

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Aim for 30 minutes of exercise per day to boost your mood, strengthen your heart and bones, and keep energy levels high.

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6. Focus on Fiber:

Eat a variety of whole grains, fruit and vegetables including berries, broccoli and bananas. Fiber helps fill you up, keeps you regular and is good for heart health.

7. Avoid Convenience Pitfalls:

Snack on whole, minimally processed or packaged foods that are naturally lower in sugar and salt. Think unsalted nuts, whole fruits like bananas, and sliced veggies.

8. Bone up:

Fresh Herb White Bean Dip

Include calcium-packed foods in your diet to prevent bone density loss. Good sources are tofu, almonds, white beans and low-fat dairy.

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9. Pump Up the Iron:

Boost iron stores by filling up on plant-based, iron-filled foods like lentils and almonds. Enhance your iron absorption by topping off an iron-fortified cereal with vitamin C-rich berries. With a little meal prep, Wake Up Oats are a tasty way to keep you full and energized. Later in the day, Sweet Apple Brussels and Lentils is a delicious way to bring vitamin C and iron together.

10. Recharge:

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Set a sleep schedule and stick to a bedtime. Lack of sleep has been linked to several health problems including obesity.

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