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brayden 3 weeks

Today I woke up in one of those fogs while ranting WHO AM I? WHAT DAY IS IT? WAIT, WHAT YEAR IS IT?  It seemed like no one in our house wanted sleep last night.  Just as I would get Brayden fed and ready to go back to sleep, Aliyah, who usually is a very good sleeper, woke me up.  Not once, but twice, JUST BECA– USE SHE WASN’T TIRED.

At one point during the night, as I’m waking to feed Brayden (I think he ate more than he slept last night) I couldn’t figure out why my head was so heavy only to realize my cat had made herself a comfortable bed on my hair.  Suddenly I’m overcome with the need to cry.  As the baby is sitting there wondering why I haven’t picked him up to start the midnight buffet yet, I’m all, hold on buddy, can’t you see mommy needs to cry too.  I just wanted a few moments to have my body, and my space, to myself.  While Chris took care of the baby, I had my crying fit and somehow made it back to the bedroom.

But in the morning, that time of day that my little guy just wants to coo, it’s all but a distant memory and totally worth it.