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We’re taking a break in our regularly scheduled #SmoresWeek festivities with a nod to Shark Week, you know, the week thousands sit around the television and watch Jaws and shows about men trying to get as close to sharks as possible without being eaten. Like it or not, it’s comes every year, and it’s huge! So, while I’d rather frolic on the beach fearlessly than hyperventilate wondering if the guy swimming with massive meat eaters will live to tell about it, Shark Week has no shortage of fans, including my kids.

Lately, my kids have become “besties” with Siri, and walk around the house with my iPad in fits of giggles as they ask ridiculous questions like, “Is the front door locked?” And then run to check it when Siri says it most definitely is. I smile that big happy-my-kids-are-getting-along motherly grin at their laugh out loud moments after issuing commands like, “Show me funny videos of kittens.” But this week? Oh, this week has been all about asking their new friend, “How big are sharks?” and “Show me videos of sharks eating people.” To which the latter I had to intervene. A little. Because then I turned on Discovery Channel and watched their little imaginations run wild. 

But enough of the crazy shark tales, below are some fun finds that will keep your shark thrills in check while quietly sipping tea from the comfort of your own home, long after Shark Week has passed…Shark Week Inspiration on Fresh Mommy Blog

 1// Under the Sea Matching Game from Bannor Toys  2// Striped Shark PJs from Old Navy  3// Gold Dipped Shark Tooth Necklace  4// Dip Dye Indigo Dress from Gap Kids  5// Black and White Flip Flops  6// Shark Mug from Amazon  7// Green Glasses Shark Onesie  8// Swimmin’ With the Sharks Moccasins from Freshly Picked  9// Shark Backpack from Four Peas  10// Shark Print Tank from Forever 21  11// Shark Tea Infuser from Urban Outfitters  12// Shark Metal Bookends from Knob Creek on Etsy  13// Baby Bite Sleeping Bag

Happy Shark Week! And in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got some pretty incredible sweets to whip up while you’re eyes are fixed on the big screen this week, check out our Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter S’mores Skillet Cookie… you don’t have to be a shark to want to take a bite out of that!