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Tips for moving from fear to fulfillment in 5 steps! Make your dreams happen.

This past week I came across a quote that I needed… and at just the right time. Isn’t it awesome when things like that happen? And I know it’s annoying when people say they have things in the works and can’t say anything, so I won’t say that to you, haha. What I will say is that lately I’ve had the opportunity to dream a little bigger, and see the possibility of some of those dreams happening. I’m seeing opportunities that stretch me, to step out in faith, to think big… and you know what comes along with that? A big ole’ feeling of trepidation. Those thoughts of Can I really? and the big What if?

I don’t know if you’ve been there, but I’m shifting my mental attitude to the right kind of what if. What if things go right. What if I see my dreams come to fruition. What if I make it happen and things grow more than I’d even hoped. So today, while I’m in the midst of it, I’m sharing five steps to move from fear to fulfillment, look those big dreams and opportunities in the face and make it happen.


I’m a list maker… but even if you don’t fall into that category, it still is beneficial to you to write some things down whether it be on a spreadsheet, word document, Evernote note, or pen and paper if you’re old school (which I like!).

First, have you written down some of those big dreams? Get it out of your head and on paper. Put it in a  place you can see it often and remind yourself of your priorities. Once you have your dreams on paper, you’ll be more able to recognize when an opportunity arises that aligns with those goals. 

When you’re looking at a possibility, write down the steps you need to take to get yourself into the right position. Maybe it’s certain people you need to call, meetings that have to happen, restructuring or remodeling the needs to happen… whatever it is, get it ALL down. This will probably be a long list, but focus on the one main goal in front of you and let yourself “brain dump” absolutely everything you can think of that it will take to get there.

The biggest help with this is getting it out of your head so you’re not adding the stress of remembering each little detail.


There is a difference between caution and nerves along with excitement and the warning signs our bodies give us when we know deep down something is amiss. Yes, when stepping out into new territory and the unknown, it’s natural to feel a little fear, a little uneasiness, a little trepidation. Those are the instincts that keep us safe and on our game… like when stepping out on a limb we tread slowly and watch each step. But that’s different that facing multiple  warning signs and barging past them on a quest. The goal isn’t to constantly walk in fear, but to use caution when pursing a dream.

Trust your instincts. 


When the day feels to overwhelming and you’re lost in the emotion of it, don’t make a major decision.   Things never look as scary in the light of day but there are so many benefits to a good night of rest. Your brain is surprisingly busy while you snooze and through a process called consolidation, your memories are organized and even made stronger as well as restructuring them, which can tend to increase your creativity. Many times you may even wake with solutions you wouldn’t have come to during the day because of other distractions, but allowing your brain uninterrupted time to sort and focus can lead to greater problem solving skills. 


Ready for another list? While it’s important to get EVERYTHING down so you can refer back to it at a moment’s notice, it’s also imperative to set attainable (even if it is a little of a stretch) for each day. Take a few moments first thing in the morning, or even the night before, to jot down your top goals for the day. Don’t overwhelm yourself with ALL of the things that need to happen in your life, instead choose the most important few to get done, and make sure your steps or goals for the day are written in a realistic way.

For example, if you need to set up an entirely new website, Make a New Website shouldn’t be a line item on your day’s list, but break it down into accomplishable steps towards your larger goal. in other words, Secure Domain Name, Purchase WordPress Template and Gather Photos for Website Pages might be a few line items that will get your that much closer to your ultimate goal.


Sometimes what makes us feel the most overwhelmed is not knowing quite sure where we want to go next. The steps above will help us to recognize our dreams and when an opportunity arises to realize that dream… just GO FOR IT! Those first steps out on a new branch are the hardest, but use each day wisely, setting yourself up with reachable goals that will lead to the fulfillment of those dreams. The question should never be “Can it be done?” only “Is it worth trying to do?” And if your answer is yes, YOU can make it happen.

Let me encourage you today that your dreams are reachable! Do what you can with what you have and you’ll realize that you are enough. Everyone starts somewhere and we’ve all heard that phrase a year from now you’ll wish you’d started today. Well friends, today is definitely as good a day as any to begin!


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