Have you ever had something on your heart, your mind? Something that seemed to etch itself into the fiber of your thoughts… where every time you saw even a remote proximity to the vision your head would spin and heart would beat a little faster to the rhythm of “I can do that, I will do that.” I have a few of those coursing through my veins and I so desire at the end of my years to feel barren and empty of those things, not because I don’t want them, but because I want to have taken the opportunities that cross my path to take a leap, to jump, to make something happen. I want those dreams birthed, not left undone, without the chance to see the world. 

Something I really feel this year, and partly because we made our mind up about it, is that this is a year for growth, for chances, for taking a step in the direction of those dreams instead of away from them. Time will pass us anyway, days tick by, a year will pass; it’s up to us what we do with that time. We can make something of it instead of letting it slip through our grasp.

Am I saying that I’m discontent? No, not at all… and then a little bit of yes. I’m absolutely in love with my family and life. My biggest dream of all was to be a mama, and that is something I’m fiercely and bravely committed to. And by that I mean I’d give up everything else to love on my littles if the need for me to give up everything else arose. And yet, there are still dreams and desires stirring in me. Passions, and so much of it isn’t even for myself. Part of my heartbeat is encouragement and the devotion to be a part of the change, the change that makes a difference in the lives of others. I know that sometimes it just comes through sharing my story and where I’m at on this journey with you. So many times we (and especially women) can feel alone, feel like we have these desires but how to we even begin to let them drip over into our lives and responsibilities? It can be hard to share or talk about because one, the fear of failure is real, and two, because where would we even begin? My dream is that as we take those steps out from the normal, from the easy and the expected our lives can be the answer for someone else. My arm is out, my hand is reaching and here I am saying, “Let’s do this, friends, together.”

So, I’m SO excited about baby number four on the way… and also, I’m so excited about this new baby of a project I’ve taken on. I feel like I’m rambling a little here, and I said so much in this short video on Periscope where I first announced what’s coming for Fresh Mommy Blog and something that I’ve wanted to do for a little while now. It’s in the first steps, the baby steps, so come see!

We have a ways to go, progress is happening! It’s all about progress and not perfection, right? Today I’m sharing the before (and some during-demo) photos of our new space and man, I can’t wait until I can show the after photos! We’re not there yet, but it’s coming along. I do give updates as we go on Periscope (you can find me on Twitter @tabithablue) and on Snapchat (TabithaRBlue)… and will be sharing more in this space here soon as well!fresh collective studios, the before

Clearly, we have a bit to go!! But you guys, I mean it… we’re in this together. I’m sharing my journey into reaching out and taking a step in the direction of those dreams with you, and I’d love if you shared yours with me! Feel free to comment here, send me a message, tweet me… however you want to do it and let’s make this year one for the books! 🙂

Also… I just love my boys in the corner of this photo, makes my heart melt.IMG_0562-2


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