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My heart raced to match the roar of the engine.  His foot pressed a little harder on the pedal and the car snarled in return while the trees beside us vanished quicker than they came into view. I could tell his eyes were glancing my way, though his face was firmly planted forward, and then his fingers traced the top of my leg.  Blood coursed through the twisted paths of every vein in my body and pooled in my cheeks, leaving a noticeable rosy glow in it’s wake.  Suddenly all the thoughts of our changed plans, of the previous day’s doctor visits with the kids and the fact that our intentions for an overnight getaway were thwarted by duties of dosing medicines to littles all flew out of the window and landed right next to the trees lining the street that were now just a blur.

“Are you ready?” His words just slid out of a crooked smile and fell upon waiting ears. Of course I was. This was our night.  Our own magnificent sliver in time waiting for us to grab hold and make claim.

And make claim we did.  Chris and I set out on a date night this past weekend in celebration of the day, seven years ago, when our two lives were weaved together to make one, though our hearts had already begun that process.  I glossed my grinning lips and applied an extra coat of mascara to my already blackened lashes.  Chris spritzed our favorite cologne.  And though we were repeating a date we’ve had many times over through the years, sliding into a favorite pair of heels and enjoying a delicious meal… now it’s a little different.  This time I’m thumbing through baby books and trying to read Goodnight Moon out loud while applying Nars: The Multiple (a new makeup fave!) and stepping over stuffed animals and toys to get some sexy little peep toes on.


And we steep in the classic date tradition of a meal out. Except for this time we try and stop ourselves from talking about the kids long enough, so I can stare into my love’s deep blue oceans.

Avocado rolls, yes please.

See that chicken? BEST MEAL EVER.


We indulge in the cheesy anniversary traditions of digging through the movie drawer to find our wedding DVD, the one Aliyah pulls out while she’s searching for Tinker Bell and asks, “Can we watch your movie?”  And when that happens, I always answer yes, although she only lasts for about ten minutes.  We watch, except for this time with pauses for kids interruptions and refilling a sippy cup.

And the next morning, after sucking the marrow out of that sliver of time we made claim of, after ducking into cute little apothecaries and shops, after searching for the world’s best cupcake and then deciding on ice cream instead, we woke more in love than ever and to the sound of little footsteps in the hallway.  His hand caressed my face, I closed my eyes in response and heard the sweet sound of his voice, “I’m so glad you said yes.”  Those strong hands of his not only held my face, they held my puddle of a heart.  Then he was off to rescue our littlest from the confines of his crib to complete our morning tradition of filling the big bed.

IMG_0551 bw
IMG_0553 bw

Just when the sun spilling in the window had us all stretched out and ready for the day, his arms wrapped snugly around my waist and pulled me close. With a whisper, I knew there was more. Before I knew it, the kids were packed up and the house was empty, just me and a hot bath. A few moments to unwind, to let my heart spill over, before a morning massage in the comfort of my own home.  The same way, in the very same room, I began this family journey seven years ago.

Life has changed so much since that amazingly fateful day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Here’s to that beautiful day, all seven years in-between, and many, many more to come.

I know this video is long, almost ten minutes long. Enjoy if you’d like, skip if you want. I won’t even know. 😉  And also? Please excuse my voice, I was so sick… but happy.