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Breathing. Right now I’m breathing in these few in-between moments of calm and quiet. One of the many upsides to having a baby in the house, is that when he’s sleeping and the rest of the house is empty, time seems to stand still, and so does the air around me. After getting in around midnight from a quick five day trip with Chevy for pink month, most of my house is in boxes… and what isn’t is pretty much in shambles. Random toys strewn, the odd piece of furniture leaning against the wall, bathroom cupboards emptied onto the counter.

It’s moving week friends! This time it’s not a big cross-country move like the last time, just a couple of miles away to a new place for us to call home, for awhile. I know a lot of people who struggle with moving, be it renting or selling their home. But I’m also know a couple friends who have tried using someone like Sell My House to help them move, just do whatever makes things easier for you.

There is A LOT to do in the next couple of weeks. A lot. There are a number of things to be done when moving house. From making sure you have all your essentials to finding the right ebay courier service, especially if you want to get furniture delivered.

Skylar in a box

Though we’re renting again, we were fortunate enough to find an owner that is quite happy with us painting and making little changes along the way. Of course, there will be no huge renovations or remodels going on in this space, but there will most definitely be quite a few fun, DIY, rental friendly updates along the way. The only changes we’re making before we move in are painting and deep cleaning, with new trim in the living room and minor upgrades like new light switches and plugs (they were all different colors and we went fresh with white so that they all match, and all function properly).

Rental House BEFORE for Fresh Mommy BlogRental House BEFORE for Fresh Mommy BlogRental House BEFORE for Fresh Mommy Blog
So here, my friends, is the before. This is the main entry way and living room where I was swooned by wood floors. The space itself feels pretty open and airy and has plenty of space for us to enjoy.

Rental House BEFORE for Fresh Mommy Blog
Here is the kitchen eat in area, with pistachio walls. With the help of some very sweet friends, all of these pistachio walls are now a calming gray and it looks so nice.

Rental House BEFORE for Fresh Mommy Blog
I’m loving the light in the master, it’s such a shift from the large cave we’ve been in… though I loved the space, and how dark the room was for sleeping in our previous home, there wasn’t much light to speak of during the day. Thankfully in this house, we were able to take down all the shelving and start this room with a clean slate, and lots of gloriously beautiful light.

Rental House BEFORE for Fresh Mommy BlogWhile the master bathroom has great light as well, the walls definitely weren’t my favorite.

So while this home is only our home for awhile, we absolutely intend to make it our home. This one has great bones for sure, maybe some bad skin, but great bones. And that’s why I’m so happy we’ve got amazing friends who were willing to come join us for a painting party!

Rental House Reno for Fresh Mommy Blog
Rental House Reno for Fresh Mommy BlogRental House Reno for Fresh Mommy BlogRental House Reno for Fresh Mommy Blog

We’re taking the color scheme to cooler, brighter, cheery tones.

And now that the walls are a little more our style, I’ve got friends knocking on the door for our moving party.

Time to go!

Skylar in a boxSkylar in a box