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… but still fall

The last couple days haven’t quite been the normal.  So, instead of having a ‘days of fall’ post, I pulled out a picture that makes me smile… and still shows what’s been going on in our household.  Baby Blue has been feeling a little under-the-weather, so there has been lots of cuddling, resting and a visit to Nana’s house thrown in.  I haven’t felt quite the same the last couple of days myself… so I’ve been slow to post. I know, you’ve missed me I’m sure, as I have you.  We’re all healthy, just adjusting to the weather.
I did take some new photos, but in my somewhat sleep-deprived state of mind, I somehow erased them before I even had the chance to see what I’d captured!  Hence, the “pulling out an old photo that makes me smile”  Isn’t it just warm and inviting?  
Here’s to having days that may not what we’d planned, but still full of hugs and kisses!  Now… if I could just remember what day it was…