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Sometimes we just have one of those days. Those days you don’t see coming and if you’ve not got a solid footing, will knock you right over. Kids have those days, mamas have those days, friends have those days. 

Family Day at the Park-21

If you’re on board that train today, I just want to tell you that it’s going to be alright. You will make it through. Maybe a few extra deep breaths, clenched jaws, “please forgive me”s and coffee will happen in the meantime, but you’ll get through it. Maybe it feels as though it cannot be done (“successfully”), but know this… YOU can. You have everything you need to conquer this day.

I recently read this question in Make it Happen, “Do you feel like you are “chasing perfect” in some ways – attempting to measure up to an impossible standard?” 

It made me think. What are we comparing our day to? Whose life are we trying to measure up? It’s not about being ready or perfect, or measuring up to what we feel we should be… it’s about being you, authentically and audaciously you. It’s about using what you have and where you are right now, on purpose.

Recently we had a small bout with our middle one wetting the bed. Ever since potty training he really had no issues and has been a great sleeper, though for some reason it started up (and thankfully ended now!!). By morning number three I was ready for the morning sheet washing and clean up to be done with. On this particular day, I started the wash and had the boys in the bathtub. When Skylar was done, I got him out and dried him off. Next up was big brother and as I wrapped the towel around Brayden, I heard a trickling noise behind me. As I turned upon the scene of the crime (on my carpet), I felt as though I was raising a litter of puppies. Literally, cleaning up pee many times over and we hadn’t even had breakfast yet. Oh but it doesn’t end there. 

Since Skylar has been trying to potty-train himself (asking to sit on the toilet at random times of the day), I put him on his little throne the next morning. When he signed that he was done,  I obliged and let him off his seat. In a distraction of too many “Mommy” requests, I turned to get Brayden some tissue he couldn’t reach before running to get Skylar’s clean diaper.

Can you see the way I set myself up for disaster to strike on this one? Like a good boy scout… always be prepared. And I wasn’t.

Skye disappeared into daddy’s closet, thankfully not mine, and when he stepped back out, my heart dropped at his little 19 month old chatter, “Uh oh.”

“Uh oh, what?” I asked in reply and he just repeated the phrase. “Uh oh.”

Like I could have expected any other response, the wee one can’t even speak yet.

With wary tip toe I made my way to the closet to see what kind of calamity had ensued. There it lay, mocking my role of motherhood with it’s indifference. Two little stinky logs of mess (on my husband’s shoes, no less) that I could have avoided had I not chosen to attend to the needs of another child first before covering his bare bum. And yet, here we were, in a face off of sorts. 

I called in reinforcements, while laughing of course, because what else could one do? First, diaper that little rear and then get to business of cleaning up.Family Day at the Park 

You see, it doesn’t matter how your day began… it could have started with a pile of mess this morning, but your day doesn’t end there. Your story isn’t over. What kind of standard or “picture of perfect” are you chasing? It’s time to throw off the limits and the ceiling of what you “think” you should be, and claim your day. This mess you’re in won’t last forever. The fear of what lies ahead can rob you of the actual greatness that lies ahead. Don’t give up on your day just because it seems impossible. Mama, friend, daughter, sweet one… you’ve got this.

Even as I typed this note to you this morning, we had a diaper explosion incident which called for a break from writing and an impromptu shower for a certain little one. 


Tabitha Blue




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