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I like to be organized. Kind of to a fault. I can admit that, but still can’t stop myself!

My 3 year old started preschool a few weeks ago. He’s loving it and it’s great for me to have a couple mornings a week to focus on the baby. Or laundry. Whatever!

Now, what do these two topics have in common? I’m not sure if you have kids in school, but 2 weeks into preschool we had a stack of projects and artwork that I had no clue what to do with. 2 weeks! And we’re talking about 2 day a week preschool! What do you do when they are in Kindergarten every day?!?

I’m not going to lie to you, some of these treasures didn’t even make it into the pile. Like the worksheets of apples that Max drew one line on? Sorry, not making the cut. But the precious Mr. Potato Head he glued together representing the 5 senses? That’s a keeper!

This pile just kept getting bigger… And it was driving me nuts! But what to do with it all?

Enter Pinterest (as usual).

There were lots of ideas in tubs. I love tubs. Seriously, I should buy stock in Rubbermaid. Can you blame me? After 4 moves in 5 years, some things you just don’t want to have to unpack. Again.

So this happened.Organization // School Memories Storage by Fresh Mommy Blog

All it took was one filing tub, a package of hanging file folders, and some paint, which was the only one of the three I had on hand. And now, I simply file away Max’s treasures so that when he finally gets his own place I can show up and drop of this lovely tub of his impressive schoolwork. If any items don’t fit, I plan on taking photos and printing them out to file in the same place so everything is together. School Memories Storage by Fresh Mommy BlogSchool Memories Storage by Fresh Mommy BlogSchool Memories Storage by Fresh Mommy BlogSchool Memories Storage by Fresh Mommy BlogSchool Memories Storage by Fresh Mommy Blog

This is solving all kinds of issues. Maybe next year I’ll even teach him how to file everything himself. : )School Memories Storage by Fresh Mommy Blog IMG_4314

My only problem? Where to store it for easy access so I remember to keep using it all year! Any ideas?

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