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#PROJECTdecor header With light strokes, the can of red in my hand began transforming the light wooden creation into something, well, different. Like a caress of red on waiting lips, it was taking just a simple idea and a couple of inexpensive items to transform an ordinary corner of our home into something a little more special. By the second coat of paint, a needed step to make sure this red really turned out red, I stepped back with a reminder of #PROJECTlipstick staring back at me… and the correlation couldn’t have been any clearer.

Okay guys... This literally just happened! While spicing up my space (or rather my kid's space), I had an epiphany... And #PROJECTdecor is happening soon! Get ready for a full post with deets this weekend. You won't want to miss out on the fun!!
With this photo, a new idea was born, #PROJECTdecor.

In #PROJECTlipstick, the concept was to clean out our drawers, use what we had and take a wee bit of time for ourselves. As it turns out, we had hundreds of women participating by the end of the week and found that it became an uplifting source of encouragement for all involved.

Now, it feels as though the tide is shifting. The ebb of Fall is calling us indoors a bit more with new kindergarten routines that require consistency and the seasonal shift (even if it’s only my inner clock that’s shifting) to cooler nights and evenings spent home and cozied.

#PROJECTdecor began with a desire to purge and simplify, to take a room that was bulging with too much… too many colors, too many toys, too many clothes that have long been grown out of, and make a space that was inviting and peaceful, calm and welcoming, a merger of two sweet little’s personalities. I shared the beginning of this story here, the Inspiration Board for a shared room for our spunky little boy and creative little girl. As with all home projects that eventually evolve into more, it’s becoming a time to let a clutter-free home lend itself to clutter free minds with some much needed closet cleaning. It’s becoming a push to finish those little items we’ve been meaning to check off our list. It’s giving us incentive to take inventory of our space and use the resources we have to make a creative and comforting environment for those cozy Fall nights I’m craving.
#PROJECTdecorOur #PROJECTdecor beginnings.

My parter in crime from #PROJECTlipstick will be joining me again and we’d love to have you ride the wave of this tide and join us. If your home is in need of a TLC project, a purge-and-simplify, or you’ve got a laundry list of DIY items waiting for a green light… get ready for #PROJECTdecor! From now until the end of October, Bri and I will be posting photos and updates of our DIY adventures, home simplifying projects and organization secrets and we’ll hashtag the photos and posts on Instagram and Twitter with #PROJECTdecor… we invite you to do the same! We want this to be a great place for inspiration and together we’ll all find new ideas to fall in love with and others that totally bombed.

Each week, we’ll share some of our favorite projects and photos by YOU that have been hashtagged #PROJECTdecor. And on top of it all, we’re putting together some sweet giveaways and prepping for some totally rad guests to grace this space here with ideas and inspiration for us all.

Get ready girls and be prepared to inspire others and be inspired yourself while we all have fun spicing up our space and slimming down our stash of stuff. We hope you’ll give this a go.


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