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I’m sitting in the airport as I type this, ready to get home to my family… and get our Christmas on! And by that I mean I can’t wait to let the music flow, let the hot chocolate pour and decorate under our tree. So while I’m making my way from one side of the country to the other, I’m doing a little cyber shopping and sharing.

Recently we did a little collaboration with Gymboree, and so while my family was in Miami with me, we headed to the closest store to check out a few things… and ended up walking out with a haul of awesome deals. And, really cute stuff. So this friends, is a little PSA of our haul because I love ya. Also? Because TODAY everything is 50% off! Half off. That’s huge. I think I may need to go back.

If you head to Gymboree or end up shopping online, I’d love to hear what you get! By the way, they are not sponsoring this post or paying me to make the video… I really did just want to share with you the awesome deals to be had! What was your favorite item?


Tabitha Blue