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Feeding Children Everywhere
“One of the keys to emotional health is to get lost in something greater than yourself.” ~Donald Miller

I heard this quote recently and knew. I knew that is exactly what we were doing. I knew that helping others, in any way, is doing something greater than yourself. I knew that serving alongside my children was teaching them the joy of giving, and sharing, and loving.

Along with many other in our area, we packaged 1,850,400 meals for hungry children around the country through Feeding Children Everywhere. And I have to say, people are amazing. People that come together, that give of themselves and of their time, that step up when a need arises, that dive into something that is greater than any one of us… that is amazing. That desire to serve, that need to give is in every one of us. Maybe for some, it’s just been lying a bit dormant, maybe that muscle hasn’t been used or exercised and so it’s been forgotten… but it’s there. It just needs a little stretching; a few smiles to someone that’s sad, a pay-it-forward in the drive through, a “You’re amazing” note left at the gas station for the next customer. There is so much need out there, so many places for us to dive in to the sea of something greater, so many ways so build those life-giving muscles and help someone else.

Let’s decide together to get in a little stretching today.

And do you know what else? YOU really are amazing!