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I styled a white tee all month long in different ways in this sponsored post with Clorox and Cotton… and this is what happened.

I remember it so clearly because as a new mom this kind of validation from a much more experienced mom is something that sticks with you. “How do you keep their clothes so white?” She asked me wonderingly, slightly incredulously. I thought it was something all moms did… it was something mine did.

When I think of my childhood, I remember my contribution to family laundry was to separate everything into piles. Separate towels from clothes. Separate colors from bleachable whites. It was the normal, our normal.

To this day, I remember both, to this day, both are still a part of my life.

The answer to her question was simple and my process remains the same… separate, separate, separate. When raising a clan of tiny humans, they can seem to be predictable; that is until they aren’t. And in my world where unpredictability reigns supreme, there is one thing I can control, and that comes when I have the chance to clean. That is my oasis, my constant. It’s my moment of motherhood validation.

And my secret to keeping our whites their whitest really isn’t a secret, it’s actually really simple. Clorox® Bleach. I’ve used it for years. Our white sheets, our white towels and when we need it, a splash to keep our white cotton tees smelling fresh and looking bright.

I now know that bleach isn’t the norm for some people and at times it can be intimidating. But just like anything that is unknown, sometimes you just have to jump into the deep end and when you do, the result is often better than what you imagine possible. In this case, your white t-shirts actually stay white for much longer.

A white tee is a standard piece that every woman owns and pretty much a staple in every kid’s closet, that being said it doesn’t have to be boring. Sure, it could feel repetitive pulling the same piece from your wardrobe day after day, but it doesn’t have to. It only takes a little inspiration to find there is so much to that LWT.

You guys, I keep a simple white tee on repeat, and that is why I was really excited when Clorox asked me to pick my favorite white cotton, bleachable tee and style it every week in many different ways. #challengeaccepted

The transfer of “odorous” mixtures produced by a person’s body, like bacteria and sweat, is absorbed by most fabrics. Odor build-up in fabric, the reason our favorite white tees and other clothing begins to smell, happens.  While cotton is the perfect breathable fabric to have on repeat as it tends to absorb less odor than synthetic fabrics, it can use a little help as well. Clorox® Regular-Bleach not only keep whites brighter longer, but sanitizes to kill 99.9% of bacteria, which causes odor. All throughout this past month I found myself reaching for my same, fresh white tee with the hope that sharing my outfits would inspire you to not be afraid to pull yours, and your kids whites, out more often too.

How To Style A White Tee All Month

Mom Tip: For those loads that need some whitening love, for bleachable whites add detergent and ½ cup of bleach for standard machine use or 1 cup of bleach for an extra-large washer.

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