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I think I’m just going to go ahead and declare this week SCHOOL week, because there is so much to share and I don’t think I can get it into one post.

For starters, Aliyah began school this week. Kindergarten to be exact. And though I have so much to say, I’m just riding the emotions of motherly confidence, relief and pride for my girl… and the fact her new sweet teacher declared through an ear to ear grin, “She is awesome!” when I picked her up this afternoon. (I’m ignoring the fact that she probably does that with every student, and taking it at face value, ’cause my girl totally is awesome.)

With the start of any new endeavor, and especially a new person being introduced into our lives that will have such influence in my daughter’s life, it’s a perfect opportunity for a gift!

Teacher Gift 3-1
I love gifts… Getting them, yes. And giving them, especially.

That’s why, in a frenzy of school prep that happened just a week ago I found a few ideas for  teacher gifts.

Then the following happened:

Me, “We have to get a gift together for Aliyah’s new teacher. I don’t want her to be the only kindergartner without one to give.”

Chris, “I didn’t know that. Who said that?”

Me, “The Internet.”

Yes, Internet, you are now a person… Someone I can blame things on. And though I don’t know if all the other kids brought in gifts like I thought would happen, this was something that my sweet girl and I like to do, make others feel special. And her teacher was no exception.

We started with a tumbler my husband picked up and added a few fun items like individual lemonade mixes, a starbucks gift card, a set of markers and some fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Teacher Gift cookie-1

Then we just clipped these fun printables to the cookies and the tumbler.

Thirst Teacher Gift PrintableSmart Cookie Teacher Gift Printable

How cute are they? And so simple too. And of course, you could just use the cookies, always  a great gift, or fill the tumbler with whatever items you want!

I’m sharing the yellow and red printable tags with you today, just click here to download the Cookie printable and click here to download the Thirst printable.

Teacher Gift
I hope everyone has a fabulous start to the new school year!! I’ll be back to share more later.