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Overnight, I hung days laden with a cool gentle mist on the rack and traded it in for days outlined in a perfectly run tub of suds for my two littles who couldn’t be happier to be reunited.


Seattle was beautiful. It’s steep city streets and foggy bay views were just as welcoming as the backdrop of mountains and the smiling faces of nearly every person we met. For a city cloaked in gray, those happy faces outnumbered the rays of sunshine that, even with the haze, would work their way through to warm our faces.

Even yesterday, the slate sky crouched down through the ever present veil of moisture to whisper it’s sweet farewell.  And we emerged from our last walk through the city fully soaked, yet having hardly felt one single hardy drop of rain. Mist, I tell you. It’s a powerful thing.

And that happy trip was balanced nicely with a morning bath where two attached souls laughed through the excitement of being together again.

Make that three souls. Mine was just as happy.


Aliyah, in her magnificent four-year-old wisdom, casually explained to me, “I missed you mommy, but my heart was okay… because it was with you.”


Whoever first said, “Absence makes the heart grow stronger,” hit the nail on the head.  Reuniting is magical.

A quick little Hipstamatic rundown of Seattle:

Seattle 2010

Arriving to the hotel in style; the limo was the same cost as a taxi… why not?! Making our way to the Seattle Space Needle. Rides on the monorail. Carrying my babe in the sling. Watching the boats in the bay at breakfast. The Pike Place Market.  Fish!  Brayden getting his nap on while I visited my temporary office, Starbucks, for internet.  An early morning view from the ferry.  My boy becoming a natural on the plane, and getting popular with the flight attendants… with one exclaiming, “It’s Brayden!” as we walked on.  Goodbye, Seattle!

Happy Tuesday! It’s good to be home… even if it is only for about 30 hours.


Oh, how I love my girl.