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Do you remember running through the grass, ducking and hopping, stopping and hiding, laughing and whispering… all the wonderful ways to play tag!!  It’s a perfect sunny day pastime.  Today, I get to play all over again… just like when I was 8 years young.  Minus the grass and running, and the ducking and hopping, although the laughing and whispering I just might do.  I’ve been tagged by my new friend Jenny to share 7 random facts about me!
So grab a bag of popcorn and your favorite drinks, roll up your sleeves and get comfortable… here we go. (I guess this may not take too long, but I eat popcorn fast, so I’ll probably finish my bag).

1) Stickers are nice and cute… but please, please, for the love of everything holy, do not put one on me.  I don’t like them to touch me.  I don’t like them to touch the clothes I’m wearing.  I don’t like them to be on clothes I can see.  I don’t like them to be on my neighbors dog.

2) I’ve always wanted to learn how to fly a plane, learn karate well, make an album and be able to dance, well, really well.  I will post pictures of all of these endeavors next month. *wink* (please note the sarcasm)

3) I don’t like to drink cold water.  Unless it’s 150 degrees, I’m drenched in sweat, can’t breathe and about to slump over from overheating… please give me room temperature water. 

4) I’m a clean freak!  I’ve been called a germiphobe, and Monica (If you’ve been a fan of Friends, you’ll understand).  I wear sandals or slippers in the house, vacuum about once a day, and go through Clorox wipes like it’s air (I know, not the most eco-friendly, but it helps my sanity).

5) I. Love. Gum.

6) I get cold easily.  I always want the temperature to be warmer.  The weird part is, many times my skin feels warm or hot to the touch.   I’ll be in bed cuddled under blankets because I’m feeling frosty, and Baby Blue will climb in and once she touches me says, “Mommy’s hot!”  Ah, what a great thing to hear in the morning… thank you my darlin’!

7) I stole this picture from Jenny.

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo… who will be tagged next?
Chris (my husband)

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