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Rolling DIY Garment Rack. Get the full simple and easy tutorial to make your own wardrobe rack!

We’ve been having a great time through all the remodeling projects happening at the studio and in our own spaces. And with so many DIYs to keep track of, this DIY Garment Rack keeps making it’s way to the top of my favorites list, along with our rolling DIY coffee bar cart! Actually, we made both the Garment Rack and the coffee bar cart around the same time, since they are built in much the same fashion…. and a big plus, I was able to spray paint ALL of the piping at the same time for both.

That also meant, I sure had a lot of pipe to paint, and I’m glad it’s done.

This garment rack was one of those projects that was fairly simple to put together. Especially with a little help, okay a lot of help since I was pregnant at the time, it came together quickly as well! And now it’s been a lifesaver in helping to keep a clean and organized space. DIY Custom Coffee Bar Cart tutorial and instructions DIY Custom Coffee Bar Cart tutorial and instructions DIY Custom Coffee Bar Cart-6

Thanks to my babies, we took some time in the sunshine to put together the small pipes and flanges for both the rolling DIY garment rack and the DIY coffee cart, and we spray painted them all. Then it was just getting a box of screws and a power drill to put it all together! We ended up making one garment rack with one shelf and a second rolling garment rack with two shelves… because shoes. 😉 Read below for the step-by-step instructions on putting together your own rolling garment rack!

Rolling DIY Garment Rack

Item list:

1 – 1x12x6 board (

3 – 1/2″x 5 foot black pipe

2 – 1/2″ elbows in black pipe

2 – 1/2″ black floor flanges

4 casters

#8 3/4″ screws (24qty)

Pre steps: cut 3 pieces of wood to 54″

*You can option an extra bottom shelf by adding one more 1x12x6ft board with 4 – 1/2″ x 12″ pipes and 8 floor flanges.  


1. Sand down board corners and edges as preferred.

2. Wash and paint pipe. (I used a copper spray paint for this garment rack).

3. Stain wood.

4. After all parts are dried, screw the flanges to an end of two of the long pipes.

5. Add elbow to the other end of the pipes with a flange.

6. Using your remaining 5ft pipe, attach to the elbows, forming a horseshoe shape with the three 5′ pipes and set aside.

7. Choose which side of board will face down and attach casters with screws on each corner at 1″/2 from each edge.

*If adding the extra shelf, use the 4 small pipes with a flange attached to each end and as columns for the second board before attaching the final 5ft pipe assembly. Screw the columns in place to hold securely.

8. Once the casters are attached to the bottom, hold the preassembled 5′ pipe piece in place, centered on your board. Screw into place to hold securely.

Congratulations you now have a portable garment rack!A Redesigned Master Bedroom and Nursery Suite in Navy Blue and White A Redesigned Master Bedroom and Nursery Suite in Navy (Chimney Smoke from Valspar) Blue and White with Fresh Mommy Blog and Valspar Paint Zero VOC No closet? No problem. Create a DIY garment rack to take care of all of your clothes! This tutorial even shows how to add an extra shelf for storage and shoes! A Redesigned Master Bedroom and Nursery Suite in Navy Blue and White with Fresh Mommy Blog


You can also see how we made the easy DIY nursery wardrobe shelf as shown above! That was a fun little project too and all of it works together to create a more organized (and fun!) space. 

What do you think? Have you seen garment racks that you like or have you tried your hand at making one yourself? If you happen to make one like this, I’d love to see!! Just tag me on Instagram or Twitter so I can see it!


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