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I customized my coffee routine using Folgers®, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #MyIcedCafe

There it was, a few short hours between flights to soak up as much together time as we could… well, that and sunshine. This meant every tick of the clock and turn of the hour hand was important and even slightly feared. It was as if I had a race with myself to stockpile as much love and enjoyment as I could into those fleeting moments. And just like the last time I was home between trips, the call of the water drew us. Though for  a romp to the beach was a little too much to fit in, but a swim in the pool with my boys was enough to quench that thirst and let my mama heart soak in all the laughter and wild-and-free splashing they could give. It really was one of the best 20 hour whirlwinds I’ve had, and on the heels of a weekend with my girl; let’s just say that my smiling heart was full. Pool timePool time-7 Pool time-10Pool time-9 Pool time-5 Pool time

Water-loving thirst quenched indeed.Iced Café, Folgers®, iced coffee #MyIcedCafe Iced Café, Folgers®, iced coffee #MyIcedCafe Iced Café, Folgers®, iced coffee #MyIcedCafe

You know what else I get a thirst for? A deliciously sweet iced-coffee on a hot day, and especially on an afternoon with my excited kiddies after rising early and flying all morning, and landing on the runway to a notification to check in for my next trip! Yes, time with these littles is oh-so-precious.Iced Café, Folgers®, iced coffee #MyIcedCafe Iced Café, Folgers®, iced coffee #MyIcedCafe Pool time-4 Folgers® Iced Café

So when Folgers® asked if I had room in my schedule to try the new Folgers® Iced Café, I happily obliged… grabbing my favorite mason jar mug (tutorial to make your own here!) and filling it halfway with cold almond milk and then filling with ice. As my hand grabbed our ever-ready and prepped beach bag, I threw in a couple of the flavored little bottles of coffee pick-me-up. By the way, I first added the recommended two squirts of the coffee concentrate, and then added another as three ended up being the perfect number for a deliciously creamy treat for my day.

You know, a girl’s has to be at her best and wide awake when she’s surrounded by adoring men, especially when those adoring men are sweet and squishy and pint sized… and all hers. That afternoon when I set everything else aside to enjoy their company, I wanted to be awakened to my best self, I always want to give them my best self. And as I’m heading home again for another rendezvous with my family, thankfully a couple of days longer this time, before one last trip to NYC for the season, I want to be that again… the very best version of myself. I want to be a mama full of grace and patience, love and hugs, laughs and listens, and after another busy week, I want to be refreshed and awake for all of their energy. Can we figure out a way to bottle some of that up next, please?Pool time-1 Iced Café, Folgers®, iced coffee #MyIcedCafe

Also, total PSA here; on our previously mentioned family adventure to the beach, I grabbed our favorite beach bag that I keep stocked and ready to go with diapers, wipes, sunscreens, water mist spray, and now a bottle of Folgers® Iced Café… so while we usually go through bottles of sunscreen pretty quickly, I had an old one lurking in the depths. Well, needless to say, make sure to check your sunscreen’s expiration date before a day in the sun! That evening was a case of mommy-guilt like no other, because as we tell ourselves, “It’s all our fault.” Needless to say, I’ve added a few new items to our beach tote as of late!


Tabitha Blue

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