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We’ve all got that friend. You know the one, the one who is more like family than a friend. The one who can come in your house without knocking. The one who can raid your fridge without asking. The one who seems to have everything she needs, but you want to get her a gift anyway. We’ve been going through fun gift guides all week, including this one for a cozy Christmas with a giveaway!! But without further ado, I want to share this gift guide for your BFF, or any girlfriend in your life really, to wow her with something sweet, fun and unexpected!

Gift Guide for you BFF. Get the bestie in your life something she'll love... she just might not know it yet.1. 52 Lists for Happiness $17

I don’t know about you but I have some ladies in my life that live for lists (including myself, ahem), this book is the perfect gift for them. It is designed to inspire and challenge them to discover the keys to their daily happiness through their love of making lists. Not only is it a list lovers dream, but it has gorgeous photography, adorable illustrations and it makes a pretty coffee table book. 

2. Cards Against Humanity $25

My friends are all game people and from what I’ve heard, this is the game to get game people. It is similar to apples to apples, but I am pretty sure it is specifically designed to make the players feel their most awkward. How can that not be fun, right?

3. Fig + Moss Shower Essentials Spa Kit $20

Give your BFF the spa treatment at home with this handcrafted shower duo kit. This scrub and mist are designed to revitalize and refresh. If your BFF enjoys a good pamper sesh than this little kit is sure to make her smile.

4. Hair Up, Bra Off, Sweats On Mug $15

If your BFF is a coffee lover, than in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with this mug. I feel like it is every woman’s inner truth and it is super cute. LOL.

5. BFF Heart KeyChains $45 (2 KeyChains)

Specialty Key Chains are all the rage right now, so when I saw these I knew I had to include them. To be honest, they hit me with nostalgia and took me back to my middle school days, when my friends and I had friendship bracelets. I think this is an adorable blast from the past and if your BFF is a trendy lady, I think she’d proudly adorn her keys with one of these. Plus, extra perk… you get to keep one half. 

6. Mid-Century Turned Leg Tabletop Planter $24-$49

These adorable planters are the perfect gift for that BFF who is obsessed with sprucing her home. They have classic clean silhouettes, so they’d blend in with almost all decor styles. If you want to go above and beyond, add an adorable plant or succulent. It could be your “friend fern!”

7. Ananas Trinket Dish & Clips $18

If your best friend loves all things home decor and lives to be surrounded by gold adorable things, well this pineapple trinket dish is the perfect gift. It could go on a desk, a vanity, a bedside table… the options are endless. 

8. Frank Body Lip Scrub + Lip Balm Duo $17

This lip kit is a perfect gift for any lady in your life, especially in these winter months, our lips need a little extra TLC.

9. Gourmand EDP Fragrance, Pistachio Brûlée Eau De Parfum $18

This parfum not only smells wonderful, but with its clean simple design, it looks lovely on any vanity tray. The Pistachio is my personal favorite, but if your BFF prefers something with fresh, floral or fruity notes, than there are definitely other options in this range.

10. Anti-Gravity Space $10

If your BFF is an Instagram Queen or Blogging Boss Babe, than this little guy might be her new fave accessory. This little do-dad can attach to any phone case and it allows your phone to stick to any surface.  Glass, mirrors, metal, tile, the car dashboard, you name it and it will stick to it. This little guy basically works as a makeshift tri-pod for your phone for handsfree selfies, videos, streaming, periscoping etc!

So what about you?! What’s something you’re REALLY wanting this year or what are you gifting to friends? I’d love your ideas!