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You know all of those things that you never knew you needed, but then when you see them you realize you needed them… like yesterday? Yes, that is what this gift guide is all about… the awesome things for your house that sometimes you need an excuse, like Christmas, to get them for your home. Below are items I either have, use and love… or things I’ve had my eye on for awhile. You’ll thank me later.Gift Guide - Top Gifts for the Home

1//  Stainless Steel Reusable Straws – Save the planet and drink through a cool straw. Okay, cliche and cheesy, but these straws really are pretty cool… and yes, better for the environment and for you than disposable plastic straws. Also? They are cold from that first iced sip.

2// Keurig 2.0 – Yes, this little beauty was in our Coffee Lovers Gift Guide, and since we’ve been using the new 2.0 system over the past week, I had to include it again! It’s been awesome being able to brew single cups at the touch of a button (especially hot chocolate for my littles and an afternoon cup of green tea for me), but also great to brew a full carafe conveniently for a house-full of people. 

3// Tree Slice Coasters – Recently at a local gifting bazaar, I met the girls behind Gather & Dwell and fell in love with them and their products, including this super cute tree slice coasters. They come in a set of four, hand-stamped with different designs and sealed. 

4// We’ve been using essential oils daily, and even my littlest gets excited when it’s time to rub them on his feet, or chest, or with lotion after bath time. Along with using topically, we like to diffuse ours! Not only can you change up the scents (Christmas is a perfect time for some Cinnamon and Clove!), but it’s great in detoxing and cleansing the air we breathe. Check out the diffusers and oils at Spark Naturals (Certified Pure Pharmagrade oils) and use FRESHMOMMY for 10% off your order!

5// This is definitely a luxury item to have on your list, but the Le Creuset Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven is something I won in a giveaway, and it’s been my go-to dish to cook in ever since! I can’t get enough one-pot pastas for one… and two, well , I can’t remember what it was like before I began using it.

6// iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot – A vacuum for Christmas? Well, depending on the person, yes please! I don’t have a Roomba yet, but it’s something I aspire to. Clean floors. All day. With three kids and without me sweeping up after them constantly. Again, yes please.

7// Himalayan Salt Bbq Plank – How amazing would this be! I’ve added this to gift guides before, and still think it’s a great addition to a kitchen arsenal.

8// Trays, trays and more trays – I’ve been a tray hoarder lately, and my husband laughs about this. I have one on my bathroom counter, one on my nightstand… and just about everywhere else I can use them. They are great to keep things rounded up and looking tidy and well put-together.

9// Modfire – These modern outdoor fireplaces are like a stunning piece of art… and yet totally useable as well. (And let’s face it, that one time Target copied the design just gave it that much more street creed in my book.) A luxury item for sure, that I’ve long been a fan of… and what better time than Christmas to plan your outdoor space and get ready for gatherings of friends and family.

10// Amazon Fire TV – Stream over 200,000 TV episodes and movies, millions of songs, and hundreds of games from this tiny box.

11// Nest Learning Thermostat – Totally programmable, and yet still learns your ways. Adjust from your smart phone while away as well. I think this is totally brilliant, and saves money in the end.

Are you all ready for Christmas yet? What would you choose from this gift guide?

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Tabitha Blue